Comments about “Pedro and Ordep’s Space Adventure”

  1. cubbybaseball4 says:

    Any Cheats?

  2. MinecraftMaster says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Hard but fun!

  3. lily been says:

    oh boy i’m good at this game

  4. kilroy says:

    score 5092000
    mail 2754
    gems 20
    accuracy 20%
    kills 863 / 1034
    time 626 seconds

  5. Rosscuro 27 says:

    Mail: 2,534

  6. q says:

    how do u use the codes?

  7. Wendigo981 says:

    108786 score 525 seconds and 63 mail oh yeah

  8. m9 says:

    love it :)

  9. the dude who needs help says:

    Can someone thell me either some cheats or a code

  10. black cougar says:

    251650 in 596 secods

  11. black cougar says:

    63300, 36% acuracy, enemy kills 250 \ 335 , mail 31, no gems, 315 seconds

  12. TEDDY BEAR says:

    62450 in 405 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. TEDDY BEAR says:

    It’s fun, but I never get past the bats.

  14. Bob says:

    I got 21,567 in 2 minuates

  15. Madman says:

    i got 230,250 points in 738 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM :-D

  16. webelosrock says:

    golvl3 was for level 3

  17. webelosrock says:

    how do you beat the lion

    • cheif says:

      i don’t know he always kills me

    • legoguy says:

      hit the lion to release shadows, hit the shadows to get better weapons you need rapid laser or slice laser to hurt him keep on hitting and BOOM he blows up and a suprise happens.:D

    • Jaux says:

      You shoot him. When the spaceships come out, shoot them too. You will get better guns.
      Continue this until no more spaceships come out. Keep shooting him, and you will kill him.

  18. awesome says:

    whats the code

  19. fatynmx says:

    way better than sequel

  20. vampdude says:

    awsome i wish it was eiseier.

  21. Storybirder says:


  22. Shawmon says:

    Waht were the codes again? I forgot them :L

  23. awsomeness says:


  24. ftf841 says:

    epic game :D

  25. NanoXbox says:

    how to shoota/

  26. elte slayer says:

    really that was easy

  27. pandaman says:

    how do you shoot?

  28. legoguy says:

    FULL SONG IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. so good says:

    new high score;974

  30. fun says:

    my score is 45100.

  31. prune says:

    i love it

  32. PEDRO BOY 1 says:


  33. tony hawk fan says:

    After pedro dies u get Ordep.

  34. ryan says:

    best game ever

  35. The_Almighty_Prince says:

    Terrific game. LOVE it XD

  36. CRASH says:

    400700 score on level 1 BEAT THAT

  37. scorpion king says:

    i can tell why its not ont he top ten

  38. little dude says:

    best game ever.

  39. BLOXMASTER919 says:

    @Pedro no its based off Gamma Bro.s off of pixeljam

  40. laaaaaaa says:


  41. pedz says:

    lived to see heads on medium

  42. guy who is good at this says:

    i made it to when those dark ships fly around and do super zaps and have tracking missles and stuff- how do i beat them? (it is three bad guys after heads)

  43. Charko200 says:

    I died on level 3. I got 2027700 points. I had 1189 mail, 15 gems, and it took me 1233 seconds to die. I used no cheats.

  44. mario says:

    i plaied the game when it was still new. :)

  45. eliasb says:

    Got to the part with the little black dot thingys. what ARE those?

    • kirbyus says:

      they’re called heads. No idea why.
      Also look out for a golden one. Run into it (because it;’s fast) and you will get tons of mail.

  46. suspicious says:


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