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Pedro and Ordep’s Space Adventure

Want more fun? Try Pedro’s Space Adventure 2.


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  1. mattdad here is what helped me memorise the enemys moves there always the same.

  2. Really addicting but really Funn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I beat the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I Beat the stupid leon head. :D=)

  5. dare devil // July 8, 2008 at 2:58 pm // Reply

    thanks helpful person i thought the first bosses were batle ships and the second one a brainiac.

  6. HEY, HELPFUL PERSON!!!!! How do you get the super laser,and what the hec is a bomber.?

  7. I am realy bad at this game can someone give me some hepful hints

  8. Answer to 404 and 407 doge the lion head’s attacks and keep shooting it no matter what.

  9. Answer to 408 the can is ether a power up or a battle laser, ether way it’s good.

  10. 383,I saw that guy. He’s like a head,but I do not think he can be destroyed.You have to crash into him to destroy him.Helpful Person,I had about 83 mail and then I had about 300-somthing mail.

    P.S.I think he could go as fast as the lion head after you get into it a little ways.

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