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  1. bp says:

    this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Helpful Person says:

    This comment is an answer to dare devil’s question.

    The “Bosses” are at the end of each level. You have to defeat them to pass onto the next level. At the end of level one, there are three bosses. They all come onto the screen at the same time, shoot something, then leave. Come back, shoot something, and leave. Over and over again. (until you destroy them) At the end of level two, there is some wierd head thing with two arms that can shoot expanding bullets right and left, and summon the head enemies. At the end of level three, there is the lion head. Once you defeat the lion head, you win the game. (Yay! :) :lol: )

    The Helpful Person

  3. dare devil says:

    what are bosses! is it the ship in the second blue back grond???????????

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Just like the Atari!

  5. dare devil says:

    on comment 394 i meant comment 393

  6. dare devil says:

    whoevrer wrote comment 391 what are bosses!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Helpful Person says:

    This comment is an answer to shakeal8r’s question.

    Well, the way I do it is I get above him, and that gives you an advantage beacause he can only shoot right and left, not up and down. If he summons up those heads, I just shoot them all and then get back up above him again. (in this case you may have to fly all over the screen to shoot the heads.) I may be forgetting something, if I am, I will tell you how to pass it if you tell me.

    The Helpful Person

  8. Lucdude says:

    To game commet wirters: does the speed boost temperaly make you go faster and faster? Cuz you are fastest at the last boss pleese ansr.

  9. bean boy says:

    this game was out of this world!

  10. dare devil says:

    thanks helpful person i think my computer is gliched so it might be different than your’s.

  11. shakeal8r says:

    how do you get past thhe boss on level 2 ?

  12. Lucdude says:

    To destroy the first bosses you haf get behind and below them and have a wide spred laser or the rapid laser to take OUT the missils move as much as posible if not be prepard to get hit

  13. Lucdude says:

    This game is great!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  14. Lucdude says:

    My socre is 6638150 and whoever says it is not shun’s the daylight!!:D :D :D

  15. The Helpful Person says:

    To: Dare Devil

    I do not think the invincible powerup is supposed to make you go faster. As its name implies, the invincible powerup makes you invincible for a short period – that is, you cannot be killed or hurt in any way untill the invincibility wears off.

    The Helpful Person

  16. Gen. Grevious says:

    Super Awesome! Even though I’m bad!

  17. dare devil says:

    answer to 381 if you mean blasters just go under it while it shoots then once it stops go behind it once it goes forward follow it till it disappears. (keep shooting it don’t think it is to late because that is when you only need to shoot it a few more times to destroy it)

  18. dare devil says:

    the invinsible powerup only makes you go fast but not as fast as you go with the speed boost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a ripoff

  19. dare devil says:

    a little after the second astroid feild there is a flying thing that seems to move fast run into it you might loose some life but you gain mail (the amount is always different)

  20. dare devil says:

    eek why are you not writing any comments!?!?!? are you trying to beat my scores secretly?

  21. anonomous guy says:

    score 1295900

    how do you beat a those black laser ships without using a smart bomb?

  22. The Helpful Person says:

    This comment is an answer to joe’s question-

    The unknown powerup can be any powerup. As you probably know what it looks like, it changes every time you get it. For instance, one time it might be a rapid fire laser, and another time it might be a sheild, and another time it might be a life powerup.

    The Helpful Person

  23. The Helpful Person says:

    This comment is an answer to magbot8’s question-

    No. You do not get any powerups, mail, or weapons when you destroy the lion head. When you destroy the lion head, you win the game.

    P.S. Weapons and powerups are the same thing. :) ;) And sorry I answered so late, I haven’t been on the computer lately :) :P :D

  24. dare devil says:

    answer to 369 no you don’t get anything from the lion head except points.

  25. magbot8 says:

    I have gotten every single kind of space suit.For example, the metal looking space suit on level 3.Also, for anybody who is not very good at this game,the super laser shoots out about 10 blue big chunks. P.S. The passwords for level 2 and level 3 are golvl2 and golvl3.

  26. pedro says:

    My game is nice. But if I didn’t get my mail back I would be selling my green ice cream!

  27. Fuzzy Boy 5000 says:


  28. dare devil says:

    i have 13 games won

  29. magbot8 says:

    for anybody who is wondering,at the end of level 1 there are 3 battleships (I think they are battleships) and you do not get any spacesuits.

  30. joe says:

    score 3819950

    total mail 1657

    total gems 20

    acuracy 29%

    kills 608/933

    timer 703 seconds

    Level three password golvl3.

    And I beat it 3 times

  31. joe says:

    I finaly beat it!

  32. magbot8 says:

    Level 2


    Nice score,Huh?

  33. magbot8 says:

    Do you get any mail, powerups, or weapons when you destroy the lion head? To the Helpful Person.

  34. dare devil says:

    i’m anonymous on comment 366 & 361 the computer wouldn’t let me tipe my nickname

  35. curtis says:

    It is nice

  36. dare devil says:

    score 6734300

    totat mail 2967

    total gems 29

    kills 1969/2608

    time 2098 seconds

  37. Anonymous says:

    hey eek beat this

    scorre 6734300

    total mail 2967

    total gems 29

    accuracy 38 %

    kills 1969/2608

    timer 2098

  38. mcqeeun says:

    i hate that game…

  39. Anonymous says:

    you just land and ordep thinks its a dream

  40. dare devil says:

    answer to the present 360 after you beat the lion head you just fly down 1-2 minuts then you land

  41. Anonymous says:

    eek check this out!

    score 6734300

    total mail 2967

    total gems 29

    kills 1969/2608

    timer 2098 seconds

  42. says:


  43. eek says:

    keep shooting at the background and make sure the lion nor the background hit you if you can!!!

  44. dare devil says:

    answer to 356 you just keep shooting it then it is destroyed and a skull ship do the same with it then you win

  45. eek says:

    Dare devil i beat it!!!!

    Score: 6331350

    Mail: 2766

    Gems: 24

    Accuracy: 26%

    Kills: 1833 / 2227

    Timer: 2175 seconds

    Level 1-3

    Beat it if you can!!!

  46. joe says:

    How do you beat the lion head?!

  47. dare devil says:

    answer to question 350 just keep shooting them as many times posible (memorise were they come from)

  48. dare devil says:

    to anyone who is wondering the unknown power up boosts speed and lets you shoot faster

  49. joe says:

    How do you deafeat the lion head?!

  50. magbot8 says:

    in anser to joes question, i think it is a special type of shield because when i got it, i autimatically got a shield.

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