Comments about “Pedro and Ordep’s Space Adventure”

  1. gyrocheese says:

    This is probably the best game on the BL website. It’s like a modern day space invaders. My score was 218650, although many people have probably beaten that.

  2. ?boy says:

    I beat the Game

  3. Weblo98 says:

    I am invinsible!!(On this game.) :D

  4. Weblo98 says:

    YAY! I still have the skill and I beat the Boss again!! :)

  5. Weblo98 says:

    I like this game a whole lot! :> I beat the Boss before one day!

  6. Wildbeast says:

    My score is 193050 and it’s my first time.

  7. Weblo98 says:

    The one Lion looking head is hard he’s the hardest in the game (to me).I mean HARD!

  8. lewanuva says:

    This is THE best game in the WORLD!! I love everything about it! my high score is 181500!

  9. ruvvers says:

    this game is really fun but how do you beat the three spaceship dudes on lvl 2 or is it 3 well there are 3 of them but how you beat them there atks so good and have so much hp help me!

  10. lewert says:

    my keys wont respond to the game

  11. Disgaea9397 says:

    owned!! 772700

  12. kiffer says:

    i think this is a pretty good game even though its my first time playing.

  13. mad says:


  14. Maxamilion says:

    it’s a fun game.

  15. PEDRO tm says:

    My score is: 900221

  16. Josh says:

    I keep dying at the same spot.

  17. Dragonrider says:

    I beat the game again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Josh says:

    It is my favorite game on this site.

  19. Dragonrider says:

    The only way to beat the lion’s head is to dodge his atackes and don’t quit shooting no matter what.

  20. Dragonrider says:

    I beat the game!!!!!!

  21. dare devil says:

    i’m anonymous on comment 421(the computer wouldent let me type my nick name !)

  22. Micky says:

    it’s kinda cool

  23. thomyboy says:

    new one871250

  24. thomyboy says:

    my score is540050

  25. Pedro says:

    It wasn’t that easy in space

  26. The Helpful Person says:

    This comment is an answer to pie’s question:

    Yes, this game was made by pixeljam. When you win the game it tells you that. :) :P

  27. pie says:

    was this game made by pixlejam

  28. The Helpful Person says:

    Okay, never mind the little picture with the h’s. It didn’t work out to well.

  29. The Helpful Person says:

    This comment is an answer to EMH316’s (comment 416) question:

    The only time you can get the super laser is sometime during level three. It comes along on one of those powerup carrier things. It costs 500 mail to get it. Just to keep it fun, I won’t tell you when it comes out. However, if you want to know when on level 3 it comees out, just ask and I will tell you. In answer to your second question, I believe a bomber is the small round thing that shoots the long lasers amd makes a little pssssssssss sound when it shoots. It’s called a bomber beacause sometimes it will fly away and drop small, almost invisible bombs that can hurt you

    The Helpful Person

    (I looks something like this:)



    hhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhh






    hhh hhh

    hh hh

  30. Anonymous says:

    mattdad here is what helped me memorise the enemys moves there always the same.

  31. EEP!!!!! says:

    Really addicting but really Funn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ricky says:

    I beat the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. EMH316 says:

    I Beat the stupid leon head. :D=)

  34. dare devil says:

    thanks helpful person i thought the first bosses were batle ships and the second one a brainiac.

  35. EMH316 says:

    HEY, HELPFUL PERSON!!!!! How do you get the super laser,and what the hec is a bomber.?

  36. mattdad says:

    I am realy bad at this game can someone give me some hepful hints

  37. joe says:

    Answer to 404 and 407 doge the lion head’s attacks and keep shooting it no matter what.

  38. joe says:

    Answer to 408 the can is ether a power up or a battle laser, ether way it’s good.

  39. magbot8 says:

    383,I saw that guy. He’s like a head,but I do not think he can be destroyed.You have to crash into him to destroy him.Helpful Person,I had about 83 mail and then I had about 300-somthing mail.

    P.S.I think he could go as fast as the lion head after you get into it a little ways.

  40. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the gems?

  41. cubeboy says:

    I beat the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THe PASSWORD IS GOLVL2 or 3

  42. Anonymous says:

    that was a awsome game!!!!!!

  43. mattdad says:

    once you kill an alien somtimes there is a can what is it.

  44. mattdad says:

    how do you deafeat the lionhead dude hepful person?

  45. booh says:

    What are those things that float by ocassionally?

  46. Boy Scout 97 says:

    My score is awesome. It’s my first time playing and I got 98,120,000 points [:B] .

  47. boyscoutguy says:

    how do you defeat the lion head guy?

  48. eek says:

    shakeal8r you doge the ones the boss on level 2 shoot at you and you shoot them and the boss

  49. eek says:

    bosses are the guys you meat before you finish the level

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