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Dark Dungeon

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Comments about “Dark Dungeon”

  1. dez doomboy says:

    i like the rogue

  2. dellix says:

    awesome game its my life so is this site


    so fun! got 2 floor 8 asa LEVEL2 ROGUE WITH A STAFF. BOOM.

  4. Mada says:

    Hard but fun!

  5. goooglyeyedweeb says:


  6. dragon says:

    so cool i skip levle 2

  7. salsa says:

    Just beat the game :)

  8. firefox2000 says:

    floor 7, broad claymore

  9. Buggy says:

    So hard yet so fun!!

  10. HikingBrainiack says:

    :-) but hard

  11. moop says:

    I won using wizard

  12. Confusled says:

    What are the coins for?!?!?!

  13. DARKHAWK1 says:

    how many levels are there ?????

  14. fifa2014 says:

    Level 10, lost to black widow, chaos elemental and a guy with a dagger. played as rouge my weapon beastly mace.

  15. pats 55 epyfl says:

    this game is the best game in the best game of online games

  16. HikingBrainiack says:

    so hard the most weapons i’ve
    at ounce are 2 (staff & long sword)

  17. oh fiddle faddle says:

    so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Emister says:

    This game is one of the best :-)

  19. warrior says:

    floor 7 69 coins

  20. Dennenburg says:

    How many floors are there?

  21. treem8 says:

    I encountered a black widow on the 3rd floor and I was scared!

  22. jj says:

    the game is awesome

  23. jj says:

    i got to floor 9

  24. orlando the axe says:

    leval 9 oh ya

  25. Smasher101 5 says:

    I had no idea you could switch wepons so my wisard died

  26. Typhlosion007 says:

    I got stuck on level 4. My best weapon was a beastly mace. I used a warrior because I am one.

  27. Beojo says:

    So FUN!!!!! 5th floor!

  28. derp horse says:

    its ok beat it in 10 minutes

  29. DARKHAWK1 says:


  30. beat the game says:

    I won using a rogue.

  31. flappy chicken says:

    My best spell is polymorph and I’m a rogue!

  32. BigGamer says:

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SO FUN I DON’T WANT TO BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!

  33. superman23 says:

    Lost at floor seven. GREAT GAME. Coins are useless, though. I bet coins are just supposed to make the player happy when their character automatically gets rid of something.

  34. bob says:

    fun game wizard’s too hard to use

  35. emerald chickin says:

    If you find the spell polymorph, you’ve struck the jackpot!

  36. black magic says:

    stupid spider they are so dark evil magic

  37. black magic says:

    i like this game a lot but i wish that this could be online so you can play with other players. and what do you do with the coins?

  38. SpartanScout says:

    Very fun!!! I got to level 8 twice! I took a wrong turn and got slaughtered big time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Merlin The Wizard says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! its super fun my best weapon is the beastly mace and im a knight

  40. Icekicker says:

    How do you get past level 8!!!!

  41. Icekicker says:

    This is the best game ever!!

  42. P0keF4n says:

    What on earth(or off earth) are the coins for?

  43. P0keF4n says:

    I like the monster charmer and the polymorth.

  44. jd says:

    how many floors are there?

  45. dungeon master says:

    I had almost all the items then I ran out of healing potions when I needed them and died

  46. Jedi Elf Wizard Dude says:

    Beat the game. Again. The key is to use Wizard and Charm monster spell. you can’t beat it without charm monster.

  47. why, comatose, why??? says:

    I lost at floor seven, with wizard, i was fighting an Air Elemential, a Nature Elemential, and a Chaos Elemential. I had like 52 coins. THIS GAME IS AWESOME! :D :D :D! My best weapon was the Superb Enchanted Rune Sword!

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