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  1. Spyro says:

    Awesome game really good. Wizard is the best.

  2. eepers says:

    How do they expect you to beat minotaurs? They have about quadruple the health of a werewolf.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s fun but hard.

  4. eepers says:

    It’s all so nice until you see a horde of 10 or so beasts

  5. eep says:

    How do you move up a level?

  6. bossmaster says:

    AWESOME!!!! unfortunately though, it sometimes doesnt load

  7. Deathstroke says:

    Totaly awesome!!!
    Theif is my favorite

  8. drive kid says:

    fun game go to the therd level

  9. blackholeseeker says:

    I almost made it

  10. RetroGamer says:

    This game is like gauntlet

  11. erererer says:


  12. Cpt. Weedwacker says:

    Pretty good

  13. Jim says:

    what are coins for and what would be the best way to use them if at all used?

  14. funky man 548967132 says:

    it wont load

  15. Gumball says:

    Floor 7: died because blink spell took me to a room with 10 monsters including werewolves, Chaos Element, and Sorcery Element!

  16. the dude says:

    this game is amazing

  17. darkhawk1 says:

    how many levels are there????

  18. pablo says:

    dude like the best free game online

  19. 3DBOY says:


  20. zero says:


  21. GamingWithJen says:

    OH YEAH Love this game.

  22. Riptide says:

    i had made to floor 5 and it was instant death

  23. PopularMMOS says:

    Yeah, I’m real,guys.

  24. PopularMMOS says:

    Like, Comment, Subscribe!

  25. PopularMMOS says:

    Yeah. I play maps, do mod showcases, and epic mob battles! :)

  26. DarkLord says:

    I found a double-bladed katana. 11-12 damage ,+2 to speed, and -2 to defense. Very useful for the final level. (played as mage and obtained two fireball spells) What is the strongest item/weapon that you guys have found?

  27. Riptide says:

    best possible game here

  28. ROCCO6519 says:

    floor 5 has red walls, vampire phantoms, and robots.
    it has amazing armor and weapons.

  29. ekatmaniscool says:


  30. Goldbergs says:

    best game here :) :) :) :)

  31. Goldbergs says:

    Needs more charecters :}

  32. Goldbergs says:

    unbelievable game! :o

  33. cheese ball 100 says:

    2nd best game In the world! (Minecraft is 1st)

  34. cheese ball says:


  35. dungeons master says:


  36. mr awesome says:

    best game ever when u r high

  37. cool man says:

    its ok in some parts and great in others

  38. Frosty The Fatman says:


  39. Bingy says:

    get to the bottom level and say that!

  40. jd says:

    i think it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. GUMMY BEAR says:


  42. Awesome says:


  43. yuming chen says:

    dark dungeon is boring and lame

  44. Anonymous says:

    are you the actual PopularMMos?

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