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  1. magician man says:

    the wizard is good but just don’t use melee attacks use spells

  2. horse says:

    I got to level 7 with warrior this game is AWESOME!!!!!!! (minecraft is better)

  3. Mr man says:


  4. isaac says:

    just beat the game

  5. isaac10991 says:

    floor 9 level nine with thief

  6. the tip giver says:

    The ”reveal map” spell is useful. Use it and your map will show the entire floor, not just what you discovered. Only use the “blink” spell in emergencies when you are about to die. It often brings you to enemies.

  7. Bigbad18 says:

    I beat the game!

  8. darkknight855 says:

    Beat the game. Minotaurs are super tough though.

  9. smallfryfury says:

    I got to highest level as knight second highest rouge last wizard

  10. wizardsrcool says:

    used polymorph on a venom dragon in stage 3 worked then another one popped up and killed me

  11. codeycorn says:

    floor 8

  12. evernerd says:

    best ever

  13. colebro says:

    this game is really cool. I had polymorph, magic mirror, monster charm and fear. I died by trying to use polymorph on a wolf spider.

  14. NixIsAnAlien says:

    I just lost to a air elemental with a rune sword. I made it to floor 8 and level 9! I wish there was a way to save…

  15. Ddomingo says:

    sorta like legend of zelda

  16. speeds4 says:

    wizard fireball killed by a spider

  17. Super says:

    The best spell set-up for wizard is two fireballs, heal spell, charm spell, and a polymorph spell.

  18. AwesomeCowGuy says:

    Two Words:

    REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  19. monster says:

    this game is osome I am seven

  20. Tank2 says:

    I used blink, went to a place with a dragon and a pink aligator thingey, and died! blink is bad sometimes!

  21. CaptainOrangeJay says:

    Floor 8, Level 9, killed a Minotaur, had about every spell, as well as a Rune Sword, some kind of a Mace, a Sword, lots of other stuff, potions, died unexpectingly from a werewolf. I was in a red dungeon with epic 8-bit music playing >:)

  22. flabergasting.123 says:

    floor 5 no lives…knight.

  23. bobby guy says:

    its hard but fun what do coins do

  24. gamer4468 says:

    most epic game ever!

  25. puddingcupboy says:


  26. Werewolf says:

    I don’t know Tanks 2 is pretty good.

  27. Biojo says:

    I got to RED THE HARDEST LEVER!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Bigbad18 says:

    what do coins do?!

  29. whovian says:


  30. dark elf says:

    wizard . . . floor 7

  31. dark elf says:

    i love the wizard!!

  32. So Close! says:

    Floor seven, level seven, with wizard. died while fighting 3 werewolves and 2 sorcery elementals. I had Fireball, Fireball, Sleep, Charm Monster, and Polymorph.

  33. doctor who fan #1 says:

    best game on this site, no question

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