Comments about “Dark Dungeon”

  1. dart says:

    I’ve only ever gotten to the 4th level what is it like down there.

  2. sillyphilly says:

    i hate the spiders

  3. ilikepizza says:

    i can’t beat those blue lizard ladies

  4. Greenie says:

    charm moster spell is realy usfull against elementals

  5. bobmcbob says:

    what do coins do?

  6. red35 says:

    I hate the elementals.

  7. Shaco says:

    The Fireball spell seems to be glitchy, most of the time it bounces harmlessly of EVERYTHING, but others it can one shot Dragons.

  8. Shaco says:

    How do you play as wizard?

  9. gorgrog says:

    I like to play wizard so I can hit guys far away, but the elementals always get me!!!

  10. BE GOOD ALL DAY says:

    4th dungeon beastly mace

  11. bossantor says:

    love it

  12. doland says:

    that was the best DnD like game I have played in a while. I beat it in 39min beat that!

  13. Dudes 765 says:


  14. super kid345 says:

    I always get a healing potion when I don’t need it but when I do I don’t get it

  15. baconluver1+1 says:

    fun,but tough

  16. NixIsAnAlien says:

    This is my favorite rogue-like-style RPG game ever!

  17. dd kid says:

    i think this game is awesome. i cant get past the 4th level. any advice?

  18. pack 412 is cool says:

    best game on boys life ive ever played!

  19. Linus says:

    I keep dying when I get to the elementals. got any advice?

  20. Bob says:

    how do you use coins?

  21. Anonymous says:

    best game on BL

  22. djklsjdksdjlsdjls says:

    how do you use your money

  23. luigi007 says:

    I’m not saying that the newer flash games (like this one) are bad. I’m just saying that I kinda prefer the flash games over the portable ones.

  24. 123Gordo says:

    I like this game very much. Thank you!

  25. ChickenSlayar says:

    this game is fun and challenging. The music is really nice and I like all the items you can get. Now I find the AI of the monsters is kind hard to deal with. But after all this game is really nice.

  26. Luigi007 says:

    *sigh*….I miss the old flash games boyslife used to make…….

  27. ANTPIOSION says:

    really good but it need’s more character’s

  28. the chosen 1 says:

    its a really fun gme

  29. GABRIELA says:

    its cool

  30. Niacin IV says:

    I can never beat it and I have been playing on this site for years!!!

  31. nick says:

    this is awesome

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