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  1. awesomechief says:

    I beat the game using shadow walk, heal and polymorph as chief. polymorph is the only way to beat minotaur.

    • 1932base says:

      No it isn’t,I think once I charmed 1 and it got swarmed by elementels.It defeated all of them but barely had any life left.I beat it easy.

  2. mario says:

    i beat all the levels

  3. iron gullum says says:

    u have 2 find the stairs 2 beat the lvl

  4. zsfsdfghdfnmfn says:

    level8 floor8 wizard

  5. Warrior says:

    i think i was on leval 5 when a troll two spiders and a dragon i think killed me :( it was the farthest i had ever gone!

  6. area51 says:

    level six

  7. COOKIE DUDE says:

    not the best game

  8. Ash 100 says:

    how can you save your game?

  9. 1932base says:

    I got to lv. 7, but was finally defeated by a Minotaur.

  10. Xian says:

    My little bro came to the the last level, level 7. How do you beat it, their is no stairway?

  11. Xian says:

    I got to level 4 with the fighter. The game rocks!

  12. Xian says:

    Really fun to play! I’d use fighter or chief. I got to level 4 but the apes are hard to beat.

  13. Deep fried chicken says:

    this is a awesome game !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. game master says:

    level 6, barly got in using reveal map and shadow walk with the wizard.

  15. maurcus says:

    level 7 floor 7

  16. madalion says:

    this game is the BEST

  17. 1932base says:

    You won’t belive this, but I got to lv.7.

  18. :)cool cheese says:

    he has a good question what do coins do?

  19. javadude says:

    LEVEL 7 on floor 7!!! beat that. As wizard.

  20. 1932base says:

    I got to lv. 5 but was defeated by an air elemental.

  21. c 'man says:

    level 5 man

  22. superscout says:

    mazes are awesome

  23. 56bull7 says:

    really fun really hard

  24. jman says:

    level4.. U

  25. 1932base says:

    Here a few tips:
    1.Wizard tips-when you see an enemy, shoot a fireball a him. If you’re cornered and have to fight, use magic armor.
    2.Chief tips-use the shadow walk to fight an enemy,and if it’s a powerful opponent,use magic mirror.
    3.Fighter tips-Use spells when fighting.

  26. nooby says:

    I have no idea how to play :P

  27. Qwerty says:

    This game is impossible to win!

  28. I love cars says:


  29. panther says:

    what do coins do?

  30. 100% says:


  31. m1a1 abram says:

    controls are really difficult

  32. Jimmy says:

    The only thing that I’m worried about is the blood.

    my parents don’t like me playing bloody games.
    that’s like rated M on the vidio games my Dad plays

  33. Mario says:

    Sounds like fun,but it’s not loading. :(

  34. MediocreKitty59 says:

    warrior is EPIC with him it gets BLOODY

  35. bobby says:

    it is one of the most funnest games ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like the music

  36. qwerty says:

    best game ever!

  37. Nic says:

    epic ………..

  38. moo says:

    first to write comment

  39. Carbison says:

    It has blood?!

  40. Buzzerd Boy says:

    very, very, very, very hard game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. fid says:

    real cool

  42. fossil master says:

    this game is awsome

  43. awesomeaot says:

    this game is cool and awesome

  44. blue jay says:


  45. Pumpkin21 says:

    the only thing is it does not keep what levol you were on.

  46. wizzard says:

    Fun but i can’t get past leval 2

  47. First says:

    This is a very fun game.

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