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  1. He says:

    This is EPIC!!!!! :)

  2. ExitCharlieFoxtrot4 says:

    This reminds me of Fate. Fate is one of my favorite games!

  3. sup dude says:

    on a scale of 1 to 10 i give this a 1,000

  4. minecraft says:

    this is awsome

  5. TusKiller75 says:

    SO ADDICTING!!! It’s like once you die you want to try again….

  6. smiley106 says:

    Theif is the best. His shadow walk spell turns you invisible.

  7. Master Yak says:

    I got to floor 4.

  8. fleabit says:

    it was hard but good

  9. rouge soldior says:

    I made it to level 9. the wherewolf killed me .

  10. abland says:

    how do u beat it

  11. mme123 says:

    awesome and beast this game is so cool

  12. gamist says:

    5star game compared to the rest

  13. slimshady says:

    beat it

  14. TusKiller75 says:

    Got to floor 8 lvl 7 wtih rouge… THEN I DIED!!!!

  15. B25J says:

    What are coins for?

  16. LooneyMooney says:

    I won With wizard 2 fireballs heal blink and stone skin

  17. slimshady says:


  18. whatsup says:

    what are the coins for?

  19. Hoejoe says:

    I won with, wizard, 2 fireballs, fear, polymorph, charm… So Awesome!!!!

  20. Darth ryan says:

    So freaking awesome

  21. Darth ryan says:

    This game is so freaking awesome!!!!!!!! love the spell where you can teleport to a random spot, shoot a fire ball at foes, freeze them, or make them fall asleep. By the way, you should make a second one

  22. #1player says:

    attack!!! hey! were is my army.

  23. cake13 says:

    I made it to level 7 on floor 6 he he he :]

  24. Willrod says:

    The best game on the site

  25. i cant think of a cool nickname says:

    it is so awesome i have been playing it 4 hours

  26. hee hee says:

    Finally! I’ve gotten to level 6! …AHH! AHH! SPIDERS! Me dead. :(

  27. tank2 says:

    i went Into a room when these guys were throwing stuff at me and lowering my stats!

  28. bobafett says:

    one time i made it to stage 6! i really like this game

  29. drcfgxf cdty says:


  30. irulealot says:

    best ever

  31. squidman10 says:

    I am EPIC with rouge!!!

  32. jboy322 says:

    minecraft is soooooooo mutch better

  33. Gamer says:

    awesome. i was on levl 9 on floor 9

  34. DylanzBoi says:


    • rouge says:

      you attack by either running into the enemy or using a spell and clicking on them and there is no storyline, you just need to kill all the monsters

  35. Jibby says:

    I love this game!

  36. dood37 says:

    cool I like the majick powers

  37. jakes says:

    it’s like totally the best game ever made.

  38. the say hey kid says:

    dark dungeon is absolutely AWESOME

  39. Anonymous says:

    i was going into a room and these guys where gainging on me.

  40. Tooblin says:

    At floor 3 I got overwhelmed by tough oppostion

  41. bookreader says:

    really fun

  42. awesoman says:

    One of the greatest games I’ve played!

  43. herobrine says:

    so awesome! to bad im not as strong in this game as i am in minecraft

  44. l rock's says:

    totally awesome!i love it

  45. gamer says:

    love it

  46. Mighty says:

    This game is just perfect.

  47. hi says:


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