Comments about “Dark Dungeon”

  1. Emmet says:

    Super addicting! :D

  2. awesome says:

    i love it

  3. Anonymous says:

    The ending is a disappointment :-(

  4. Gizmo says:

    Amazing game! I LOVE IT!

  5. wizard says:

    where do you get another fireball spell

  6. cosmic says:

    this is the best game ever invented I just found it on the site at a library it was amazing but the down side is you are only aloud to have a computer for 30 minutes

  7. daredevil says:

    what are the coins for

  8. lego gandalf says:

    i beat the game!!!!!!!!! this Minotaur comes and does this portal thing and disappeared.
    beware the werewolf!!!! charm monster is the best spell.

  9. jake the wizard says:

    floor 5 is hard

  10. Seeker says:

    Wizard is an excellent choice. I completed the game without loosing any lives with two fire balls, a sleep spell, a shadow walk spell, and a monster charm spell. Since wizard starts with a fire ball, it is easy to get two so you can easily blast away at enemies.

  11. Masedgg says:

    beat the game with rogue(which is the boss), love the twin bladed katana!

  12. the ash says:

    i love this game i got to level 6 please can you make it were you can play with other peaple theif is best

  13. B-rad says:

    I think I beat the game… if beating the game means making it to the 9th floor, and having a little cut-scene… At any rate, that’s what happened.

  14. magna angemon says:

    hard but super awsome

  15. Anonymous says:

    I beat it with the wizard. Tip: use two fireball spells.

  16. jdog says:

    cool game

  17. wizards/dragon lover says:

    a man i died on floor 3 once made made it to floor 4 kobold trickster got me. :( i was wizard with charm monster, 2 fireballs, and freeze monster for spells. love the combo!!!!!

  18. pedro3000 says:

    minecraft is good!

  19. pedro3000 says:

    whenever you go against a minotaur or a werewolf use polymorph to kill them. you might need a good sword. I got to level eight and beat the game with that trick.
    I like the broad claymore sword.

  20. baby boat says:

    this game stinks

  21. darkrayman12 says:

    i do not understand how 2 fight

  22. spidey says:

    The best character is the wizard.

  23. monkey thief says:

    I got to floor 8 thief is the best Minotaur are annoying level 7

  24. monkey thief says:

    the thief is the best character to me I’ve only gotten to floor 4

  25. monkeys says:

    the thief is the best

  26. Dominic says:

    The Thief and Warrior got me very far. BEST SPELLS!

  27. Captain Orange Animation says:

    Use Wizard with 2 Fireballs, 1 Teleport to choice, 1 Health, Fear, and a Battleaxe equipped. Got me VERY far!

  28. pop some tags says:

    this is ASOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dark dragon says:


  30. 56675665 says:

    this is a awsome game

  31. jklo says:

    i love dis game

  32. The Doctor says:

    I found warrior got me farthest out of the three. excellent game

  33. b-mon says:

    the world shud know theif is the best

  34. tacos says:

    BEAT THE GAME!!!!!!

  35. flash says:

    Its awsom

  36. bryce77 says:

    epic minecraft Is still boss

  37. Wizard says:

    Great game, very addictive! My favorite character is the wizard, and my favorite 5 spell combo is: shadow walk, fire ball, reveal map, haste, and charm monster. Amazing game!

  38. The Wizard says:

    Great game, very addictive! My favorite character is the wizard, and my favorite 5 spell combo is: shadow walk, fire ball, reveal map, haste, and charm monster. Amazing game!

  39. thegamer says:

    I love the wizard. Got to floor 5 as wizard

  40. The Wizard says:

    Great game, but hard to beat. My favorite 5 spell combo is fireball, shadow walk, charm monster, heal, and reveal map. My opinion is that the wizard is the best character for this game. Very fun! :-)

  41. troton says:

    made it to floor 23 level 20

  42. gary says:

    This thing is da best!

  43. theif says:

    i am the best

  44. willanator says:

    one of the best games ever…… besides minecraft

  45. Nightmare says:

    floor 6
    level 9

  46. what have i got in my pocket says:

    cool game like the theif

  47. buddy 1245 says:

    best game ever but cant beat floor 5 rouge

  48. Nick The Jumping Spider says:

    My favorite Spell-Combo in this game is Beserk, Swift, and Shadow-walk. you get like, a lot of speed, a lot of attack, a lot of defense, and your enemies cant see you to attack! Truly, this game is amazing!

  49. Fart buster28 says:

    Made it to level 8 theif is the best

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