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Dark Dungeon

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10 Comments on Dark Dungeon

  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Frostanimal12 // September 9, 2012 at 10:53 pm // Reply

    Not what I expected, but it’s a good game and it’s good time passer that’s really fun so try it out but it’s not for me

  3. the theif is best

  4. Always be the Chief!!! I got so far and so much stuff as him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I BEAT THE GAME IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! When you get to the last level with red brick, cool music starts playing. When you defeat the final monster, theres some purple portal that restores all final peace!

  6. aw-some

  7. Beat the game 5 times as wizard you definitly want the charm monster

  8. any good tips on how to defeat apes and nature elements using theif?
    I normally have a huge inventury……

  9. I finally made to the red brick dungeon but i was killed by dome dragon! Has anyone made it past the red dungeon?

  10. use the chief!!1 you can disappear and then backstab someone

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