Comments about “Dark Dungeon”

  1. skull99 says:

    this game rocks!

  2. mymy says:

    luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. iloveWEBLOWS says:

    i dont know wich ones the best please help

  4. cubmaster4life says:

    I beat it with the rogue/thief and the wizard, but can’t get past level 5 with the knight/warrior.

  5. Battlemaster says:

    Wizards are awesome!!!

  6. zman says:

    i’m best with wizard. and its thief not chief

  7. bacon hater says:


  8. mr scout says:

    AWESOME!!!!! Great game!!!!!!

  9. e2- d2 says:

    well I don’t care what you use. Me and my two Pok’emon beat it a bunch of times using a bunch of diffrent charicters

  10. Dragonlord says:

    Argh, only got to level 3 as rouge

  11. adsfert says:

    beat it 8 times as the chief

  12. Ryder says:

    This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  13. assassin says:

    this game is addicting, reply if you agree

  14. eoooooh says:

    EPIC!!!!!!! GO FIGHTER!!!!!!

  15. speedy says:

    totally awesome and addictive. i got to floor five and level five as wizard with 20 some gold.

  16. waterdragon says:

    i actually had 2 fireballs at once on my wizard

  17. roboclaw says:

    i think this game is endless

  18. roboclaw says:

    I haven’t been on this website in a while

  19. blackavenger says:

    Can anyone tell me what coins are for?

  20. Liam032 says:

    i think the rogue is the best I3I

  21. zipzop says:

    This is Boys’ Life’s BEST Game YET! I like the knight/fighter!

  22. I says:

    this game is epic i play as theif

  23. LT9PKP;L;IP[ says:


  24. star wars freak says:

    this is difficult

  25. starchuck says:

    I see alot of people call it chief its thief, look harder

  26. bo-ya says:

    beat it easy with rogue

  27. cheif says:

    I won 3 times as cheif, minotaurs are tough, the only way to beat them is polymorph

  28. like it says:



    i got to level 9 as wizard

  30. 1932base says:

    I can’t believe it! I beat the game as a chief for the 1st time without losing ANY lives. Beat that!

  31. gamefan says:

    spinoff of cardinal quest

  32. Tearfulrocky says:

    Tip: Play as the warrior

  33. Tearfulrocky says:

    Tip: DON’T PLAY AS THE WIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. tytygigas says:

    if you want a really hard adventure, unequip your sword and armor.

  35. Cool dude says:

    Git all the boxes and spells on the floor :)

  36. boo says:

    Level 7 floor 7 wizard. Which level and floor is the end of the game on?

  37. Power man says:

    Wizard looks wierd if you click on him

  38. starchuck says:

    Floor 8 as thief i think wizards don’t work. awesome game!!!

  39. hello says:

    I beat it 3 times as chief

  40. Zap says:

    what a great game

  41. The Game Master says:

    Boy’s Life,

    I am wondering, what do the coins do for you? Is there a shop where you can buy things on a certain level? This game is quite fun.


    The Game Master.

    I really like the Stone Skin spell, it makes it harder for the enemies to kill you.

  42. darknight says:

    here’s a level 7!!!!!!! : o

  43. Anonymous says:

    me to but as chief.

  44. superdawg says:

    floor 8 level 7

  45. fragllewagon says:

    its hard but fun and what do coins do?

  46. ? says:

    Honestly does no one question how the game is called cardinal quest… wonder who actually thought of this game

  47. ? says:

    Level 9 floor 8… beat that-wizard

  48. motleyjust says:

    The word that tell you what you picked up, etc. are too small and they don’t stay on the screen long enough to see what they say.
    Other than that the game is OK.

  49. paul says:

    Level 10 Wizard, on floor 8, BEATEN!!!!

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