Comments about “Dark Dungeon”

  1. clif says:

    what are the coines for

  2. gidgit legobrains says:

    use the knight it works best I got to level 2 by using him

  3. hi moster says:

    it is so awesome i play it a lot

  4. epicburby says:

    fun, but if you could save your game it whold be even cooler

  5. gamer2213 says:

    whats the coins for

  6. gamer2213 says:

    does it ever end

  7. nitro says:

    ok i take back what i said i know how to use the wizard best now and now i rock at this game P.S wizard is my favorite now

  8. nitro says:

    WAY too hard i cant even get past level 3 and i cant get past level 1 with bandit ethier wizard is ok but my favorite is the knight

  9. Anonymous says:

    like it

  10. huh? says:


  11. scorpion king says:

    sure is! you even get spells!

  12. jkj says:

    wy won’t it work

  13. firedog says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    I made it to floor 8, level 9

  15. timten says:

    It loads a while but you just have to wait a minute or two.

  16. Kane the killer rogue says:

    This is one of the best adventure games.

  17. Kane the killer rogue says:

    This is one of the greatest games on this site.

  18. scout 5555 says:

    wont load but sounds fun

  19. Seth The Egg says:

    I had super epic gear and died…. NOOOOOOOOOO!

  20. Nyan Cat Is Epic says:

    it wont load

  21. linkfan101 says:


  22. MageOfMoltor says:

    I managed to beat it first try. Great game, and I love the adventurous feeling.

  23. Slice'N'Dice says:

    WOO! This game is awesome. Hate to brag but I beat it first try! Play it. You won’t be disappointed.

  24. The_Almighty_Prince says:

    Best game on the site! Really fun, but hard!

  25. ? says:

    what is this game about

  26. linkfan101 says:


  27. i hate you says:

    this is awesome

  28. warpdrive3.2 says:

    Best game sence packman and marioand luigi

  29. scorpion king says:

    Magic mirror rocks! When your guy dies after you use it, the mirror version actually fights the bad guy! I figured that out when I was battling wolf spider. I used it when I entered, and because had low health,I died. I saw some blood shoot in all directions, meaning my duplicate died. When I returned, the spider was wounded more than when I died.

  30. thorny devil says:

    this game stinks

  31. Mario kart says:

    Takes a long time to load!!!!!!!

  32. Joker hates me!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    This game is fun and cool!!!!!!

  33. fikj says:

    so awsome. i love it!!!!!

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Bob says:

    whers the first boss

  36. pio42 says:

    its hard but it rocks!!!!!

  37. ? says:

    very hard do not play

  38. monster says:

    dungeon works at a ice cream store or reshrunt

  39. monster says:

    dungeon is a donkey that werks at a Ice crear reshrunt

  40. the game spartan says:

    try to find the beastly mace it has 2-9 damage

  41. scorpion king says:

    when you`ve gone every where, it gets a little scary. Especially when you get far. Are there zombies?

  42. fanboy784 says:

    I got to level four and saw skeleton warriors!how do you beat those things!?!?!

  43. nata says:

    Sweet game! I got really far without even trying, it rocks!

  44. Noob says:

    Can you continue a game, and what are coins for? Please respond

  45. babyface1542 says:


  46. joester says:

    just started

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