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  1. speedy s says:

    Best game on here. I like being the knight

  2. Pure awesomeness says:

    I hate wizareds

  3. bean says:

    You need to have skill.

  4. bob says:

    i have not played it yet but it looks cool

  5. Anonymous says:

    best game ever levle 3

  6. Kaleb says:

    Alwalys look at your health before U attack.

  7. wawa2342 says:

    this is the game of my life

  8. Nine says:

    Level 9 on Wizard!!
    Why does it keep telling me to run for the door?

    It first seemed like an in-colour form of rogue, with different persona for the hero… more epicness than that, though!

  9. aka Harry Potter says:

    This game is awesome. I have some tips though:
    1. For all the knights, rage is the key.
    2. For all Chiefs, the element of surprise is your main weapon.
    3. For all Wizards, do not attack with your body, attack with your spells.

  10. muffin man says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Great game. I love it! It is one of the best games I’ve ever played! That would be so awesome if boyslife could make a sequel!

  12. godlover11202 says:

    Wow! I beat the Game!!

  13. Jupiter The Jedi says:

    It doesn’t load, for pete’s sake.

  14. Anonymous says:

    got to about floor 7!!! but then a minotaur came and I didn’t have a chance.

  15. imagine dragons says:


  16. muddog says:

    bring it on, baby.

  17. EPIC says:


  18. drack says:

    level 5….. 4 letters..HARD

  19. coolkid says:

    won’t work wish I could play.

  20. coco says:

    where is the hidden pedro

  21. Hydrostar says:

    Love it

  22. MinecraftRules says:

    It is awesome!

  23. lego dude says:

    it doesot work

  24. pee wee says:

    level 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]

  25. mr.lion says:


  26. bomber 2.0 says:

    best game since mario and lugi!!!!!!!!!

  27. lego dude says:

    a game of adventure and stealth with a feeling of action

  28. CaptainOrangeJay says:

    THIS IS SOOO AWESOME!!! graphics-awesome! levels-awesome! characters-Super cool EVERYTHING-AMAZING this game is so cool!

  29. CaptainOrangeJay says:

    I can’t get it to work! but I REALLY WANT to play!!!!!!


    I used the knight and got to level 4 floor 5

  31. dfar says:

    i like it

  32. dofufag says:

    priddy cool

  33. rt says:

    it doesent work

  34. Anonymous says:

    it doesn’t work

  35. biostars says:

    I think you can save your game by clicking on Inventory and then clicking on Menu.

  36. biostars says:

    This is the best game EVER!!! I’m totally addicted. Tip: Try to open every door before going to the next floor in order to get the most experience and the best gear.

  37. Shadefizzle says:

    OMG!!! LV.45!!!! lol not really lv.7.

  38. Peeta says:

    cool game, bro. play it again.

  39. 061002 says:


  40. Dominicus says:

    Ha! You gamers are barely scratching the surface. I got past lvl 10

  41. nindroid says:

    One word, AWESOME!!!!!

  42. 100%cool says:


  43. pee wee says:

    I found worst monster and killed him

  44. pee wee says:

    Hamunu made it I found it out because of the graphics

  45. pee wee says:

    Nailed it!

  46. Inyoface says:

    To many doors!!!

  47. Me, Myself, & I says:

    So addictive!!!!

  48. finn says:

    first time going to be awesome

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