Comments about “Dark Dungeon”

  1. Jake1079 says:

    i was at level 5 floor 5 with shadow walk fireball brezerk heal and with axe

  2. tiger says:

    magic mioor fights for you

  3. dumbface says:


  4. blahblah says:

    awesome I rock at the rouge

  5. Nyan Frogger says:


  6. ricochetguy says:

    to many doors

  7. Anonymous says:

    got to floor 5

  8. redman13 says:

    super hard but realy fun i got to demon ape

  9. nate says:

    figter level1 begin score

  10. sunny boy says:

    can’t seem to beat it

  11. P!k@chu says:

    ok game

  12. Anonymous says:

    I ran into a WOLF SPIDER ON FLOOR 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I did that in caps, but I still can’t fully express myself through that.)

  13. Herobrine says:

    There is an end to it?

  14. sdfvh nadlhvazsiudb says:

    a game that is like this is Fate

  15. Theifmaster101 says:

    Beat it with Theif! first try! ya!

  16. scorpion king says:

    1: I`d hate that 2: I think I got to level 8 or somthing. I got mauled by lots of elementals. Most of them were purple. Are they Air Elementals?

  17. inferno says:

    dunguns myths are cool

  18. tgif says:

    it’s boring

  19. Anonymous says:

    cool man

  20. whiterabbit says:

    won with warrior prety self explanitory

  21. wizzzzaaaaaaaa says:

    im great with wizard

  22. pooooop says:

    I BEET THE GAME (with wizard)

  23. boboroo says:

    I beat the game it was as easy standing up but a little fun

  24. BLACK DEATH says:

    how do u get back to the game when u r using the hotkey

  25. sourrabbit says:

    won with thief :spells: shadow walk x2, polomorph ,heal .charm.

  26. person says:

    what do yo do with the coins

  27. Anonymous says:

    what is the gold for???

  28. dumbeldor says says:

    I realy hate how if you have the mace and you find a longsowrd it puts the mace in the inventory
    but the best person to us is the chief…. helth is the best spell!!!!!

  29. dragonbuns says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!please make more! with UNLIMITED dungeon, for a survivor. and only one life

  30. bombarder 2.0 says:

    i love the knight.

  31. bombarder 2.0 says:

    best game since The Legend of Zelda!!!!

  32. joe bob says:

    got to level 7 on wizard

  33. tenderfoot says:

    highest ive gotten is level 8 with cheif

  34. Herobrine says:

    I like it

  35. duck dynasty lover says:

    hard but fun

  36. rogue says:

    How do you beat the game?

  37. Mr.Minecraft says:

    It would be really cool if it was multiplayer!

  38. doddod78 says:

    to hard!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. sp52 says:

    Chief is good and the back stab is sometime overpowered.

  40. true awesomeness says:

    BEAT THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. for minitotuars
    just morph them with the polimorph spell
    oh and i was a wizard when I beat the game

  41. yay says:

    I beat the game!!!!!
    I won with cheif and what helped me the most was shadow walk and monster charm

  42. hey says:

    what do you do with gold

  43. ffffff says:

    i love wizerd

  44. merlin says:

    this is cool!!!

  45. me says:

    i can’t get past level 4…

  46. Darkwolf says:

    lvl 3 wizard i think this game is awesome

  47. treaser in hebrew says:

    It looks cool.

  48. MR.GAMER says:

    amazing game!!!

  49. rex rules says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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