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  1. cheesehorse101 says:


  2. wizard says:

    i beat the game!!! defeated minatour dude!!! awesome!!!

  3. the celt says:

    what are hotkeys

  4. meepmaster says:

    love this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. shard the metal sonic says:

    I got double elementalballed on floor 7 and died

  6. NJ says:

    how many flors r there and what do they look like.this game rocks like mine craft

  7. boss800 says:

    beat the game with a theif! what now!

  8. sara says:

    i got to floor 7 and died.

  9. skull99 says:

    Not bad

  10. Gandalf the white says:

    This game is BOSS. No doubt about it

  11. longman says:

    48 coins,floor 8,level 9. No joke, No lie!

  12. longman says:


  13. legodood29 says:

    too many dragons on 2nd floor!!!!!!!!!!

  14. legodood29 says:

    i keep getting killed on the 2nd floor by dragons and spiders.

  15. dr.elmo in your dreams says:

    beat the game with the warrior. very fun. it is a very very very fun game it is quite a swell game, lets play it again and you will see that it is a fun family.

  16. Stevey101 says:

    It is awesome in every way except one: why wont it let me choose whether to keep something or get rid of it

  17. the celt says:

    i love this game it is so boss

  18. yodaman says:

    i got to the 6th floor

  19. gandalf says:

    i got to floor 7 level 8

  20. Hoejoe says:

    Beat it with wizard it very fun please make more like these! (What coins for?)

  21. pedropower says:

    it wont let me play.

  22. mkid says:

    floor 7 died

  23. SARA says:


  24. Merlin says:

    Here’s a tip: being a wizard is boss. I found that using fireball on all enemies, granted it’s ready is a great plan. I also found that if they survive that then you should fear them away and then cast fireball. the wizard’s high spirit helps the cool down time

  25. sp52 says:

    I think they should add a bit of a storyline to it. It’s good, but it’s missing a little something. I also want shops to use the coins that would be scattered around the levels and I also would like more characters, abilities, levels, monsters, and equipment.

  26. idontknow says:

    What are coins used for.

  27. yourmomma says:

    got to level 4 floor 4 and then died

  28. liketotallyawsome says:

    MORE LEVELS NOW( and characters)like archer and ninja.

  29. ockxk says:

    It will not let me play this game,What should I do?

  30. Dr.Doom says:

    What does no flash content available mean?

  31. ninja says:

    got 2 level 4. ya, what r the coins for. will some ask the game guru about that and the of the game? cause it’s awesome, like across between final fantasy and survival arcade games.

  32. lego man says:

    VERY FUN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Dragonbuns says:

    I GOT TO LEVEL 5!! and 25 gold coins…

  34. Dragonbuns says:

    The BEST game on here. one of my favorites, but still… needs to be more survival like and would like more of these!

  35. critic says:


  36. GLID says:

    Like MineCraft

  37. zestytwinkie says:

    again like i said about tanks they should more levels,features,and characters

  38. dragonbuns says:


  39. infectedzombie says:

    its a good game. it would be better if you could save it though.

  40. Guy says:

    I have no favorite but wizard is cool

  41. ader says:

    this game is ausome

  42. ytrewq says:

    How many levels are there?

  43. wizard wiz says:

    I got to level 7 floor 6. I even got most of the supplise and even beat an ape and black widow with ease

  44. spock$$$$$ says:

    me lik wzrd bst

  45. wormling says:

    yeah, what ARE gold coins used for?

  46. Electrum says:

    What is the point of gold coins?

  47. Electrum says:

    Wizard is best because he can attack from a distance. I beat the game without being defeated at all.

  48. wormling says:

    my favorate class is “warrior.” just saying. dont get mad at me

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