Comments about “Pee Wee’s Archery Challenge”

  1. dash says:

    134 on easy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DJ says:


  3. horse lover says:

    my score was 108

  4. fly boy says:

    i won this game hands down! 1000 points on hard!……….just kiding:) :( :( but i did beat this game.

  5. Lighting says:

    63 points on meduim

  6. gee1$ says:

    pass easy score107.

  7. What's my name says:


  8. Jad5 says:

    300 on hard. OWNED!!! XD

  9. I b boss says:

    Were do you go to play the game?

  10. Archer says:

    234 on medium!

  11. Dignity says:

    They should adjust peewee so that he’s not on the edge. Then you can’t shoot full power all directions.

  12. Mario=Awsome!!! says:

    81 on easy…not too bad! I give this game a 4.3 star!

  13. 1 says:

    id just like to point out that each level is the same except for the fact that you need a different amount of points. thus: 123 on hard takes the same amount of skill as 123 on easy

  14. lex says:

    I beat the game !

  15. Gz19 says:

    Won!!!!, baby!!!

  16. let it rip says:

    114 on medium

  17. ggyfured says:

    293 on hard

  18. Froster says:

    244 on hard my first time and 306 my second time!!!!!

  19. OK ANSWER says:

    193 is my score on hard! :) Though, anybody could beat that. :( I’v played this since I was a tigercub. :)

  20. nascarfrk says:

    Sorta Fun But Pretty Hard!!!

  21. fantasylover says:

    214 on hard

  22. super101 says:

    this game is too easy. they should make it thirty levels or something, cuz i’m a pro

  23. ochorinko says:

    80,567 on easy, 3,004 on medium, and 1,879 on hard

  24. nickname says says:

    1000 points on my first try on hard.

  25. ab617 says:

    101 points on my first try!!!!

  26. SonOfNeptune99 says:

    35 on easy

  27. NINJ11202 says:

    562 on hard

  28. experet says:


  29. pogo says:

    i got 209 on medium beat that.

  30. big-b says:

    152 on hard beat that!

  31. big-b says:


  32. Geek 101 says:

    197 on easy.

  33. Death says:

    How do play the game

  34. howdy partner says:


  35. mike says:

    Quite fun and quite hard.I like it.

  36. howdy partner says:

    I got 135 points on meduim beat that!

  37. 1231reads says:

    I like it

  38. jedi101 says:

    Twohundred ninetyeight BUMMER!

  39. ptj11 says:

    123 points and beat the game on level 11
    reply if you got more than me

  40. nikiki01 says:


  41. awesomekid says:

    too easy

  42. awesomekid says:

    not that fun

  43. Anonymous says:

    it is fun

  44. The Man says:


  45. Dorian says:

    I lost

  46. tj says:

    I won on all the games

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