Comments about “Pee Wee’s Archery Challenge”

  1. 1 says:

    248 on hard

  2. comiksdre says:

    to easy

  3. 32423423 says:

    this game fails

  4. dude says:

    I won with 105 points!

  5. cheezbut570 says:

    I am awesome at this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i says:

    175 on medium

  7. dj says:

    300 on hard

  8. Derby Town Racing Boss says:

    287 on hard

  9. whitewater says:

    279 on medium

  10. ben13 says:

    39 on hard

  11. Milkshake says:

    248 on Hard

  12. STARSCOUT2,000 says:


  13. Game Masta a.k.a.1 4m 4w30m3 says:


  14. Game Masta a.k.a.1 4m 4w30m3 says:

    Crud.iCan’t get past level 4.

  15. yo mama says:

    easy beat it on all difficulties

  16. idiot boy says:

    hey this game rockes but is HARD ID RATE THIS GAME TEN OUT OF 11

  17. norm says:

    157 medium :O

  18. Wevsry says:

    Easy and boring

  19. 1 says:

    220 on hard

  20. Superscout says:

    277 on hard :)

  21. The scouter says says:

    I love this game
    I haven’t tried the game

  22. wee pee says:

    142 on hard

  23. Ray661 says:

    SO HARD!

  24. dfjmhyskdftf says:

    214 on easy

  25. space says:

    beat whole game on easy median and hard

  26. joe says:

    i love this game :)

  27. 24 says:

    on hard level20

  28. me says:

    on miedem

  29. n says:

    that is hard

  30. beett/ojkl says:

    i got 2347 points on hard so beat that if you do pleas reply

  31. joker says:

    100 on hard first try

  32. joker says:

    kind of easy

  33. weird says:

    I won with 200

  34. storybirder says:

    192!!! Yeah!

  35. lego bro says:

    i only won with 82 but its still easy

  36. rubyred says:

    So easy it’s not that much fun. I beat it on hard with 253 points. Thats how easy.

  37. The Scouter says:

    its hard

  38. TheEagleScout says:

    I beat the game on my first try! easy

  39. sweetness says:

    239 on hard. booyah!!!

  40. sweetness says:

    too easy

  41. houndoom says:

    Love it

  42. 12gogetit4 says:

    I won the game hands down

  43. aa says:

    i won with 120 points

  44. kpkigar says:

    only 111. cool.

  45. Bacon says:

    I like that you used a real picture as the backdrop. Fun game all’round.

  46. oinker says:

    that’s a weird sound

  47. snobjoe says:

    1,302 points – I won against all of yous!

  48. muffin man says:

    fun game! I got 192 points on easy tt is sooo easy i won

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