Comments about “Pee Wee’s Archery Challenge”

  1. fake lake says:


  2. arrowhead says:

    148 oh yea

  3. thedude92 says:

    I GOT 116 ON HARD!

  4. dudesome says:

    I beat hard with 196 as mine

  5. DEADPOOL says:

    TOO EASY!!!

  6. oops says:

    my score was 133 in all 10 levels!

  7. BlueKirby10 says:

    The first levels physics are whacked out. you have do a over 45-DEGREE ANGLE SHOT FOR THE FIRST TARGET!

  8. JohnDoe says:

    303 on hard.

  9. JohnDoe says:

    221 on hard. Then game froze on level 9

  10. tanman says:

    i love it! i got 104 on medium

  11. ryan says:

    i won it was peace of cake

  12. cheese says:

    best game ever!

  13. supersayian4freak says:

    got 9 on level 2 easy

  14. z boy says:

    243 on hard

  15. z boy says:

    247 on easy

  16. z boy says:

    194 on easy

  17. colin says:

    I like it.

  18. thedude92 says:

    cool game

  19. eminemrox says:

    that was boring

  20. cool kid says:

    hard but fun

  21. pretty bird says:

    i thought it was hard and really frustrating!

  22. iowa says:

    sorta fun. but still beat it.

  23. big nate says:

    Pee wee,s archie challenge is thebest game ever and it is cool

  24. Bling fling yp says:

    I don’t like it that mutch

  25. jhon says:

    OK.. that was fine since it was my first time

  26. flash12345 says:

    beat 4000

  27. Tenderfoot says:

    334 beat that.

  28. Aurora says:

    307 on medium.

  29. ninja turtle says:

    1003 on hard

  30. z boy says:

    91 points on easy

  31. z boy says:

    game over on last level and 65 points. oh well.

  32. billy says:

    best game ever

  33. pie says:

    86 on medium

  34. yeh says:

    994 on hard medium

  35. Superman says:

    287 on hard losers.

  36. Superman says:

    271 on Medium

  37. ronald says:

    dis game is a-some

  38. i camp show me the rule book says:

    242 easy beat that

  39. Ace shot says:

    207 on hard yea.

  40. NOOB!! says:

    168 on hard

  41. Me no know says:

    210 on medium

  42. shibbinator says:

    38 on hard in the first round

  43. hmmm... says:

    i got 150 on hard

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