Comments about “Pee Wee’s Archery Challenge”

  1. BYU FAN says:


  2. Storm says:

    I only got 41 on EASY

  3. ;) says:

    heart touching

  4. bucky says:

    99 on easy. Got a long way to go. :P

  5. 88888 says:

    fun but hard

  6. 102 says:

    152 pts…

  7. nman8yo says:

    it is awsome

  8. nman8yo says:

    it stinks

  9. Pee Wee Harris says:

    Well, 157 isn’t bad, don’t you think? (Please Reply)

  10. Pee Wee Harris says:

    107… not that good, right?

  11. tonio says:

    lol awesome :)

  12. the critic 3 says:

    PLEASE make a Pee Wee’s
    Archery Challenge 2

  13. olypan says:

    1,000 on easy!{J.K only 456 but still very impressive} Super fun! all you need to do is focus. It is as easy as doing 1+1!

  14. Milkshake says:

    272 on hard

  15. WOWFAN says:

    LOVE IT!

  16. l49er says:

    love this game. i could play it all day

  17. Mike says:

    424is hard

  18. dr.elmo in your dreams says:

    12382 on hard i probably beat you dreams.

    • realist says:

      that’s not possible considering the time it takes for an arrow to fly and the space of the windows of opportunity to hit the target the target without obstruction in the later levels it was likely in your dreams that you did this…logiced

  19. on hard says:

    on hard 14 5’s in a row

  20. yoyoawesome says:

    590 on hard

  21. cod assassin says:

    327 on hard

  22. jones says:

    101 in easy

  23. ninjacool says:


  24. bec says:

    251 on hard

  25. jjbod says:

    I love this game

  26. wolf girl says:


  27. C says:

    Awsome and cool

  28. Sawyer says:

    hard hard

  29. Lim A. Bean says:

    Won with only :( 68

  30. Bilbo says:

    181 points on hard

  31. cooler says:

    hard with 205 points

  32. hurter says:

    i won hard with 134 points

  33. cooler says:

    i won medium with 219 points

  34. wormling says:

    I won

  35. Ninjabob says:

    233 points

  36. R.O.B 64 says:

    I WON!!! I WON!!!
    Wait…what the heck am I saying!?

  37. the boss says:

    165 on med

  38. beat you says:

    122 points level 10

  39. bobthe boss says:

    104 pts!!!!!!

  40. bobthe boss says:

    fav game

  41. ady says:

    Favorite game!

  42. pea wea says:

    My younger brother got 116 points winning, and I can’t even get to level 3!

  43. pea wee says:

    I’m really good at this game.

  44. Rad says:

    On Easy, I WON!!!!

  45. jazzfan says:

    324 on hard

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