Comments about “Pee Wee’s Archery Challenge”

  1. xar 2673 says:

    a better and increased version of ballon shoot

  2. fone says:


  3. allstar101 says:

    hey – I got 250 on hard! I love this game! :)

  4. bookworm247 says:

    POWERSHOOTER: Cool. Thanks for the info. I’ll try those two that you mentioned.

  5. Powershooter says:

    BOOKWORM274: Yes, I’ve played all the games except the few codemakers. The daily puzzle on page two is pretty good if you want a relaxing and concentrating at your own speed game. Archery is just plain ole good. :) Bowling’s pretty good.

  6. bookworm247 says:

    Powershooter – have you tried any other games? Let me know the best ones.



  7. RECORDHOLDER 101 says:

    I got 254, but you guys did better. I’m making a record book with the highest score for each game. Keep the scores coming. P. S. DO NOT LIE!


    Recordholder 101

  8. RECORDHOLDER 101 says:

    The highest score collected to this message is cj with 3000 points. Remember have fun, DON’T LIE, try all of the games, and rate them!

  9. Weasel says:

    306 Awsome

  10. Weasel says:


  11. Powershooter says:

    Uh, MICK: He already apologized. You don’t have to rub it into him.

  12. mick says says:

    by the way i only got 79

  13. mick says says:

    hey BOOKWORM247 be truthful like POWERSHOOTER says

  14. Powershooter says:

    I got 259 :)

    PS: Try getting to three hundred points and let me know when you do! :)

  15. boy#2 says:


  16. not2be4gotten says:

    I got 257!

  17. drummer says:

    I got 291!!! :) :) :)

  18. jah says:

    I won hard!:) I got 200 points

  19. k9 says:

    this game is lol

  20. ace says:

    I won! i got 202 points on medium

  21. Powershooter says:

    Thanks, XAR 2673 and BOOKWORM247!

    PS: I’ve already won a few million times. Hope you guys win! :)

  22. bookworm247 says:

    no problem, powershooter. Hope you win!

  23. xar 2673 says:

    hey powershooter i like a guy that always speaks the truth

  24. technokid says:

    Its cool :) ive played it be4 but ive lost practice.

  25. YOYO says:

    Yo I won the game : )

  26. wolf says:

    This game is very hard.

  27. Powershooter says:

    Thanks, BOOKWORM247. It really is okay pulling a joke like that, just soon afterwards submit a comment saying “Just kidding.” I do jokes on this website that way. If you don’t do that, then someone like CASPIAN991 will believe it. Thanks for apologizing: I figured, not knowing you, that I wouldn’t get a response.

  28. bookworm247 says:

    Sorry Powershooter. My real score is 225.

  29. bookworm247 says:

    Sorry. Thanks, Powershooter. I appericiate you saying that. I can tell that you are a good kid. I’ll try to be too. My highest score is 225. And that’s the REAL truth. You know, you gotta learn to take a joke, though. That number was so outrageously high that everyone should know I was kidding. Thanks for the tip, though. I will work on being truthful.

  30. nitro says:

    this game is a challeng it is very exiting to

  31. Powershooter says:

    Sorry, a scout is TRUSTWORTHY.

  32. Powershooter says:

    BOOKWORM274: please be truthful. Of course no one’s going to beat that, because you can’t get that kind of score! In boy scouts, you have to recite the scout law every meeting. The first part says:


  33. bookworm247 says:

    hey – Caspian991 u got me! I only got 289. Ur right about DA BOMB, tho.

    wat level were u playing?

  34. Archer says:

    Hi, there! I Got 407 points!

  35. caspian991 says:

    How did you get 1007984 points? My highest score is 257! I aggree! this game is DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. bookworm247 says:

    I got 1007984 points! Beat that! This game rox my sox! It is furgaliciously fantasticalicious! Pee Wee Harris, You DA MAN! this game is DA BOMB!!!

  37. egghead # 84 says:

    FUN GAME!!!!! i won! :^)

  38. hIST says:

    I agree with Little E!

  39. Little E says:

    ;)loip,,Yo,and al565 you guys lie!There is no way you can get 2,000;765,or 3,000 p.t.’s!You LIE,LIER LIER LIER LIER LIER LIERES!

  40. Little E says:

    I got to leval 10 with 147 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Radio560 says:

    I luv da game!Sweeto Cheeto!i got 241points.I wish it was harder to beat .

  42. chillin dylan says:

    This games stinx. I’m way too cool for this. I want to play real archery. I could win! Pee Wee Harris is the worstr archer ive ever seen! JK I luv the game.

  43. bookworm247 says:

    This game is da bomb! It rox my sox! It is super duper furgaliciously fantasticalicious! Pee Wee Harris, you da man! I’m tellin’ you – DA MAN!!

    Lovin’ It!

  44. 1125 says:

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  45. kitt katt says:

    I got 283 pts it’s to easy!!!!!!

  46. Radio560 says:

    Sweeto Cheeto!I wish it had more levels.

  47. spiderman98 says:

    too easy ;) :):@ :$

  48. el tigre says:

    good job dead dude i got 250 pts.

  49. el tigre says:

    good game bl i won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. kitt katt says:

    beat the game with 273 points beat that!!

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