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  1. tripleG says:

    Good job everyone. got 260

  2. Powershooter says:

    Good job, LEGO454!

    PS: can you believe I’m posting the 300th comment?

  3. lego454 says:

    I got 108 points!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. llliuo says:

    iwon esay and med

  5. 490 trooper says:

    sometimes it’s very hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. squeaker says:

    i scored 545. is that a record????

  7. Archer says:

    Hi! New personal record. 460 points.

  8. 490 trooper says:

    when you do your best it’s very easy

  9. drummer says:

    You rock, anonymous!!!

    PS Although you rock, you’re not too good for a real nickname.

  10. Powershooter says:

    Sorry, Anonymous was me.

  11. 490 trooper says:

    it’s kind of hard!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Guys! I commented about this before on another game!!!! Just as a reminder on the Scout Law:

    A scout is TRUSTWORTHY…

  13. drummer says:

    wolf 2: You are lying.

    Torlay man: I think you’re lying.

    Archer: You might not be lying, but I think you are.

    BE TRUTHFUL!!! My TRUTHFUL score is 339.

  14. # 1 girl archerer says:

    I just won with 472 points

  15. Shorty says:

    Hey waz Up this is Shorty saying I schooled U boys W/ 314 points!!!!!

  16. Pi= 3.1415926535897... says:

    Awesome! Cool music!!!

  17. tripleG says:

    Good job everyone. I got a 137 on hard level

  18. girlscout 13 says:

    ITYis boring i win it every time800

  19. wolf 2 says:

    DUDE!!!!! I just scored 620 points!!!! Im so physched!!! man im pumped!!!! torlay man i beat you!!! I have the record!!!

  20. bob says:

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. blooobloooo says:

    cool game recomended

  22. torlay man says:

    i just scored 530 points i think its a new record

  23. Alex Edson says:

    i dont like it i only love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Alex Edson says:

    it is the best man!

  25. Archer says:

    Hi, again! I just scored 429 points.

  26. drummer says:


    I know how to play snare, bass, and drumset. In my school’s marching band, I play bass because I’ve only been playing for six years (plus, I’m not a senior). I hope to make the snare line next year (even though I won’t be a senior then either). I’m thrilled that another drummer posts on this site! :)

    PS I never thought that there was such a thing as tri-toms. Our school uses quad-toms.

  27. dude says:

    how do u play the game

  28. microbo says:


  29. Star scout says:


  30. Drakel says:

    I got 95!!!!!!!!

  31. bookworm247 says:


  32. bookworm247 says:

    DRUMMER – I agree. What kind of drums do you play? Marching? Sanare? Bass? Tri – toms? Or just a regular drum set? I think drumming’s awesome. I play the tri – toms.

  33. Archer says:

    Hi! Now I´m tired. I shot a new personal record- 452 points!

  34. Archer says:

    425 points is now my 5:th result.

    It means: 447-439-432-426-425-421-420 points as the seven best results I have done so far…

  35. Archer says:

    432 points as new third best result.

  36. bo says:

    it’s too short! But it was fun :)

  37. Archer says:

    421 points as 4:th result.

  38. WWWE+R says:

    this game is soooooooooooo hard,i can’t paas level 1

  39. Archer says:

    Hi, again! My third best result is now 426 points!

  40. Archer says:

    Hi, there! I got 447 points as my best and 439 points as second best.

    This is true.

  41. lemurlad says:


  42. drummer says:


    I liked level 9 the best because it isn’t too easy and to win it, you have to have good rhythm (as most drummers do). Shoot the arrow when both walls are up.

    level 7 stinks.

  43. Runescaperocks55 says:

    2 easy i win every time!

  44. bookworm247 says:

    hey – DRUMMER: good job! 313 is a really good score. Which level did you like the best?

  45. drummer says:

    Recordholder 101: I got 329 on easy.

    PS I don’t think you should keep records for every section of the game because the only thing that changes from difficulty to difficulty is the number of points needed to advance to the next level. It’s not like it’s harder to hit the targets in Hard. It’s just that you need ten points instead of one.

  46. BOBY says:

    I beat the game. And i also got it done in 4 minutes.

  47. dil says:

    (i made it to level 7)

  48. drummer says:

    RECORDHOLDER 101: That score was on medium

  49. drummer says:

    RECORDHOLDER 101: No one can get 3000 points.

  50. drummer says:

    RECORDHOLDER 101: 313

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