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  1. jr senior weblo says:

    I like the real pine wood derby better

  2. YODA says:

    Can’t beat Wolf Run.

  3. Mt. Abram says:

    Can’t beat Bear Pass, but game is awesome!!!!!!

  4. a girl says:

    this is so easy its boring

  5. roblox rools says:

    hard but fun

  6. Kiro says:

    it is the coolest game,instead of level 2

  7. Hedley1256 says:

    i am so mad at this game i keep loosing! :I

  8. Hedley1256 says:

    i lost :(

  9. Hedley1256 says:

    best game in the hole world :) ( P.S. hi)

  10. lol says:


  11. Percy Jackson 2.0 says:

    1150 BOOYAH beat that!!!

  12. ijhjkh says:

    600 pts beat that

  13. Mt. Abram says:

    Very Fun, but can’t beat Baer Pass.

  14. hola says:

    hard but fun

  15. midnight ninja says:


  16. midnight ninja says:

    round 5 here I come

  17. 123456789 says:


  18. Mewtwo says:

    Does anybody know where the cheat codes are

  19. Mewtwo says:

    3000000 Beat that

  20. Mewtwo says:

    Is fun but hard but how do you get over the ramps

  21. nate says:

    So awsome better than the real one!

  22. campboy says:

    I think this game is fun yet hard. I don’t like the curves though!

  23. t says:

    1500!!! beat that!!!

  24. shocky says:

    this game is soooooo hard

  25. WELAGE 123 says:

    IT stinks

  26. OMG says:

    So hard. Your car goes so slow at full speed. and everyone can go faster than you.

  27. trainman77 says:

    i cant reely get off the side of the road

  28. ultrasonic2000 says:


  29. johnathan says:

    The funest game ever. :)

  30. johnathan says:


  31. A-Man says:

    Maybe if i keep working at it i will win.

  32. Lego dude says:

    I can’t get it

  33. zoon says:

    easy……. as setting fire to water!

  34. Pokemon says:

    It is the hardest game I ever played

  35. jaden says:

    This is as easy as eating a piece of cake on a chicken coop!

  36. TIE MAN says:

    Saturday April 23rd i played it AND I COULDN’T EVEN GET THROUGH THE 1ST LEVEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. t says:


  38. Rickdm says:


  39. dodge says:

    it is to hard.

  40. t says:

    it is hard

  41. boring says:

    hard thing

  42. bcbwebelo says:


  43. vo99 says:

    Easy I’m at level 4

  44. bob says:

    That is hard.

  45. gumball says:

    round 2 is hard

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