Comments about “Pinewood Derby game”

  1. luvsoccer8 says:

    I like it but lvl 2 is hard

  2. ok? says:

    beat lvl 1 but not 2

  3. #!? says:

    waste of time

  4. pedrorocks75 says:

    so hard!

  5. Micheal says:

    this is a fun game

  6. caleb says:

    I agree! worst ever!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    this is the worst game ever

  8. Ben11 says:

    asomest game on earth

  9. Blink-!*@ says:

    i beat every game :)

  10. mw3r says:

    cant beat level 2 ;l

  11. awesomeboy55 says:


  12. coolman360 says:

    easy i got 1100

  13. Anonymous says:

    man its so harrrrrd!!!

  14. SHADOW REBEL says:

    Its okay

  15. sean says:

    its awesome!

  16. juio says:

    tinkle is awesome

  17. Geek 101 says:


  18. cursed cobra says:

    i got 1st place best concept

  19. dodo326 says:

    play derby town racing if you want a racing game with wepons and play this if you like games that a so real.

  20. tele says:

    I beat the first level & got a750 on 2nd level :)

  21. geek101 says:

    Could not beat third level made it to 1300 points

  22. fishingxprt says:

    hard and boring

  23. "I am Someone" says:


  24. bestgamerintheworld says:


  25. green and white says:

    i always come in 2nd

  26. Hammer says:

    If i was actually in the car i would be hurt

  27. lego dude says:

    i wish you could youse the aroow keys it would be more fun

  28. j920 says:

    hard hard hard

  29. Fun E. Scout Boy says:

    Hard but I got to the 4th level and got 4509 points! :D

  30. GeekSquad says:

    horrible graphics, glichy do not play

  31. Cat lover says:

    Love It!

  32. joey012345678910 says:

    i got 1075

  33. $good says:

    hard but okay.

  34. wacky says:

    when you hit the wall it sounds like a machine gun

  35. :) says:

    i got 500 :)

  36. supurman says:

    not bad’ i got 500′

  37. DS6 says:

    That was hard

  38. yoyoyo man says:

    hard hard hard

  39. minecraftcraft says:

    epic but it should be controled useing WASD

  40. Puffle lover123 says:

    My puffle driver crashed!

  41. romeoadam says:

    got 400

  42. ash says:

    so cool!!!!!!!!!!

  43. HD222 says:

    could be better by using the control buttons only got to level 2
    its also pretty trickie i wond er what th th 3 lev will b

  44. Geek101 says:

    I can not beat the second one

  45. shawn says:

    ahhh its okay.

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