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  1. sharked says:

    i also agre with soccerstud

  2. PIZZA says:

    i do not agree with any of u don’t u get the game u go fast then wreak

  3. abdosh says:

    i agree with soccerstud

  4. crash says:

    This is too easy

  5. Wizard says:

    Got to level 7 easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jedi Master Dude says:

    OK, It was REALLY easy.

  7. Jedi Master Dude says:

    It’s pretty easy.

  8. nobodycares says:

    worst game ever

    if you like it you,re weird like me

  9. hunterse says:


  10. ultimaster says:

    can he blink??

  11. metalsonic says:

    i agree with helper!

  12. helper says:

    I love this game! (But I will have to get use to it)

  13. soccerstud says:

    this game is dumb!!1

  14. royal says:

    how was it? I was asleep

  15. do yo says:

    I hate this game!!!!!!!!!!! it’s dumb!!!!!!!!

  16. husker boy says:

    its oK

  17. 90 says:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… Oh sorry this game is sooooooooooooooo BORING!

  18. goblin says:

    IT IS SO DUMB :-/

  19. sketch says:

    i agree w/ big boss.

  20. spaypaint says:

    its weird how he keep staring at you.

  21. Roper says:

    Dude this is such a dumb game!!!!!!!!!

  22. nick says:

    well,if you cant do any tricks on a skate boarding game then its dumb dawg!

  23. Biscuits says:

    this game is cool

  24. K.I.P says:

    Dude,your wrong

  25. Powershooter says:

    Frannyshorts: So? It’s fun!

  26. Dude says:

    dudes, this game is boring

  27. G/man says:

    I aggree with Franny shorts.

  28. Big boss says:

    I’m not good at

  29. Fannyshorts Says: says:

    The stupidist thing about playing this game is when you want to read what everyone says so you scroll down and start reading everything. Meanwhile, you keep dieing in the game and you lose! This is more like a chatroom than a place where you can post your comments, just to let you know.

  30. drummer says:

    I probably look stupid saying this, but this is the hardest game on the website.

  31. redice says:

    This IS the EASIEST game EVER!!!

  32. shadowman says:

    Hi! How r u?

    nice site!

  33. llliuo says:

    I got up to level 4 with 356 pts.

  34. Pi= 3.1415926535897... says:

    Wait… There’s more than one level?? In that case, I did horrible. :-(

  35. popo says:

    I got to level 7 with 435 pones

  36. bo says:

    i got to level 10 w/ my friend david w00t for me hee hee

  37. cub says:


  38. kingfisher says:

    I thought it was fun

  39. fone says:

    Good game

  40. xar 2673 says:

    this game rocks i love to play it

  41. All-AmericanRejectsfan says:

    Horrible Game.Should have been KEYS that may-ed you move!

  42. G-3 says:

    It’s okay

  43. Powershooter says:

    Nice tip, STEALTHRABBIT, but what about in the few hours of the evening? Can you go outside then? And are you awake enough to do merit badges? You are a good scout at heart, taking it into consideration,l but what SHOULD be pointed out is the question: IS THERE MORE BESIDES THIS ON THE INTERNET FOR YOU TO DO?

  44. Stealthrabbit says:

    Sorry to say this, but if you made it to level 23 or higher, you have wa-hay-hay-HAY too much time on your hands. You could be working on requirements or merit badges. Or, just doing something outside. I spent this entire day doing stuff outside, in fact, I played ultimate frisbee for 6 hours collectivley today.

    Get off the computer!

  45. E19 says:

    I got to 41 points in 2 levels!

  46. Powershooter says:

    Level two, 56 points.

  47. Dachsundlover says:

    Nice job MXD. I Made to level 23.

  48. MXD says:

    got to level 22. beat that.

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