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  1. dballer says:

    The skater jumps wierd because it stand when it jumps.

  2. odd105 says:

    the best

  3. The KOBSTER says:


  4. bob says:

    to funnybunny i know

  5. jacksilver says:

    im pretty good at moving around but not jumping somehow but i love akela!

  6. Funnybunny11 says:

    Does any one know where the xbox icon is? plzz

  7. Funnybunny11 says:

    Does any one know where the xbox ivon is? plzz

  8. jp says:

    this game is so so easy game but i like the tricks there so cool i wiss that they put more tricks. i think that people will paly even more if they put some ranps and some people that get in the way. have good time palynig this game kids. bye.

  9. short crircit says:

    it’s awesome!

  10. DJ says:

    I like it my score was 3986 there is a secret!

  11. Dallas Cowboys says:

    This game is awesome, I only got 119, but it was cool

  12. OregonGirl says:

    LOL Mello10 i got 1 more then you. 366

  13. gimp says:

    It should have diferent controls.

  14. Luis weebloscout says:

    n i only got 50 in a minute

  15. Luis weebloscout says:

    got 1,489 points in a minute or so

  16. mE says:

    i was at 261 then mom made me get off

  17. coolawsomeguy says:

    I had too many close calls.

  18. rowipo1 says:

    1296 i got 16

  19. PeeWee says:

    over all the game is a mix between fun and lame i got to level 4 then stoped playing because it just got boring.

  20. Wills219 says:

    my score was 9!

  21. gameboy77 says:

    i got 1296!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    its cool

  23. zeke says:

    the game rocks

  24. ftrxfcgbfdxbgd says:


  25. read652 says:

    good game I think!

  26. tails says:


  27. skateborder says:

    i scored 232

  28. chase says:


  29. mello10 says:

    oops! never mind. I got 365. it isnt that hard.

  30. kopaka_nuva says:

    i give this game .5 stars

  31. jackson says:


  32. Stink like cheese says:

    high score 4

  33. sk8chic says:

    ok this game is nice but its kinda lame

  34. Giggles says:

    This game was easy! I got to level 19 with 721 points and I wasn’t even trying.

  35. "stone cold" Steve Austin says:

    This game is awsome!

  36. who r u says:

    i like this

  37. Void says:

    if you want to win, go full speed all the time. You may crash occasionally, but you’ll get there.

  38. Jarritos says:

    it got very lame i dis like thne game

  39. Tony Hawk says:

    It is awsome.

  40. 2009fever says:

    Can somebody get more than 129 points?

  41. Anonymous says:

    this game is ausome i say let people play

  42. the 1 says:

    how many levels r there

  43. cool3000 says:

    easy gets boring and very lame

  44. i dunno says:

    this is interesting

  45. professer xavier says:

    stay onthe lane closest to you andyou will win. you might have to jump a few times to make it alive. if you want points dont follow my advice

  46. Boys R cool says:

    This game is pretty cool. I made it to level 4 once… or was it level 5? Oh well, it is a very cool game. I’m not like the champion at it, but is a really cool game.

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