Comments about “Cub Scout Skateboarding  ”

  1. sunshine says:

    hard hard H……..a……..r……..d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. andy says:

    aww..what a cute wittle wolfie!!

  3. boy127 says:

    I WON!!!!

  4. boy127 says:

    i acchually got pritty far
    it is cool

  5. star wars books says:


  6. wolfscout338 says:

    i acchually got pritty far.

  7. pinewood derby says:

    This is cool!!!!!!

  8. AJ PWNS U says:

    this game is a fail

  9. half says:

    this game cool

  10. the flash says:

    I didn’t know wolves could skateboard!

  11. dd says:

    this is too esey

  12. camoflauge guy says:

    i got 4000 points at the last level

  13. anthony says:

    this game is super fun but very hard

  14. Game guy says:

    simple game but very hard

  15. bob says:

    i scored 3 in a min.

  16. sammey says:

    it is fun

  17. boys24 says:

    How to Jump

  18. R2D2 says:

    This is awsome but VERY hard.

  19. bsa 525 says:

    mack 1 for boy scout’s

  20. smart boy says:

    lost on level 3. score 187. yes.

  21. coyote kid says:

    3000 points!!!!!!! your jeulous

  22. zbo says:

    Beat this! I got 68

  23. txt dude says:

    hate hate HATE!!!

  24. game guy says:

    i got really far then my computer started doing weird things

  25. cab says:

    this game is awesome.

  26. zbo says:

    I like to crash

  27. BOY SCOUT HUNTER says:

    very hard i rated it 3 stars its still cool

  28. hotdawg101 says:

    i jump whenever i see something and i always crash.

  29. ben says:


  30. matthew says:

    Wolf Is Cool Man Dude He is Funny Im A Wolf

  31. Ice Cat says:

    16 ponts

  32. xxch x5 says:

    awsome so cool but needs more action

  33. boat says:

    pretty cool

  34. kdka says:

    i got 230

  35. bhju says:

    itis fuunny when the guy crashes

  36. noey says:

    that was so cool

  37. Dan The Man says:

    432 At Level 8

  38. legorex115 says:

    yeah i got 1

  39. Seceret agent sew says:

    I won!

  40. mo139 says:

    i agree with zj

  41. Chuck the Duck says:

    This game is really monotonous.

  42. crash says:

    I got 8

  43. skins rock says:

    if there was a scale of easy-hard,i would place it in the middle.

  44. random person says:

    568 Level14 quit on15 got bored

  45. izic of bearville says:

    it is so weird. i always crash

  46. luigi says:

    the wheels dont move

  47. DUDE 92 says:


  48. yfgyudosdysuyf ui says:

    it is funny when the guy crashes!

  49. sss says:

    itis fuunny when the guy crashes

  50. brick7786 says:

    i dont like it .not enough action

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