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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion

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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion”

  1. Platypus Dude says:

    I found It was pretty hard. I did not enjoy it.

  2. powerranger098 says:

    cool game!

  3. yoda says:

    Hmmmmm A master at this I am! he he he

  4. yeah! says:

    I beat the game and none of my times are over 30 seconds except the boss which is 57 seconds! BEAT THAT!

  5. fakelake says:

    if you suddenly find yourself going left, right, up, or down, then click the arrow keys in the direction you are going with the opposite one at the same time

  6. SuperMonky says:

    It won’t reset my progress! Does anybody know why?

  7. tftttygytiyuit8tuttygyu says:

    beat all levels

  8. Boise state man says:

    I have gotten to d-7 but now i am stuck

  9. Awesome says:

    u r weak if u can’t get past 1 2 or 3 so close to winning

  10. Awesome says:


  11. #swagger says:

    problem with controls anyone?

  12. Awesome says:

    Rebounder Heavy Blobber EMP and Nanorepair helmet will not I repeat Will Not Get Past the one with nanosteeel armor

  13. ice3 says:

    cant get past level 1 !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Frosty The Fatman says:

    How Do You Make A Rocket Blaster?!?!?!?

  15. jaeger says:

    if only you could upgrade armor

  16. Zebra255 says:

    Plasma blast, repair drone, and EMP beats every level.

  17. Could add... says:

    I wish you could make your own robot that other people could go against or you could go against.
    Another slot could be for the little guys who float around you could have their own helmet slot for their own helmets.

  18. popman says:

    hate it

  19. Not my real name says:

    This game is pretty groovy. I’d like a level builder. But it’s still a good game.

  20. Combo Guy says:

    Part 5 of 4 (lol)

    I just submitted a list of EVERY combo you can make but I had to split it up into 4 (or 5) parts. Hopefully they all get through. If not, I’ll try again. Please let them through, mods. Please.

    Anyway, happy playing!!!
    – The Combo Master/Guy :P
    PS I forgot which name I used LoL

  21. Combo Guy says:

    Part 4 of 4:

    1245 Dredd Booster
    1256 Crystalis Pod
    1345 Boombox
    1347 Medpack
    1368 Ultraburner
    1456 EMP Device
    2457 Minelayer
    2567 Missile Pack
    2678 Berserker Device
    3567 Chrono Trigger

  22. Combo Guy says:

    Part 3 of 4:

    1235 Dredd’s Head
    1236 Nanorepair Drone
    1257 Defendo-Hat
    1267 Targeting Goggles
    1346 Blast Buddy
    2346 Deflector Drone
    2357 Hot Head
    2458 Proximity Laser
    3456 Charge Inducer
    3578 Fishbowl

  23. Combo Guy says:

    Part 2 of 4:

    1234 Dredd’s Blaster
    1237 Laser Beam
    1238 Heavy Blobber
    1246 Swarm Storm
    1356 Dual Shock
    1367 Rebounder
    1378 Plasma Cutter
    1467 Shock Orb
    2345 Missile Pod
    2456 Shredder

  24. Combo Guy says:

    Part 1 of 4:
    This is the list to end all lists. This is a list of EVERY SINGLE gun, helmet, and backpack that can be made in this game! There are 10 of each: 10 guns, 10 helmets, 10 backpacks: with a total of 30 combinations.

    The numbers represent that column of pieces you build with: “1” means Column 1 (Coils), “2” means Column 2 (Capacitors), “3” means Column 3 (Plating), etc. So “1467” means a coil, cable, reactor, and processor. You can use any piece in the column, but the lower down the piece is, the better it is and, along with the others, the better it will make your item.

    • somedude says:

      what do you mean by the junk has numbers? your list would be useful if i know what the numbers are. other than that your list does nothing.

  25. Anonymous says:

    It won’t reset my progress. (yes I hit the button 15 million times)

  26. 007flash says:

    how do you make dual shock and boombox

  27. awesome sauce says:

    getting the exploding jet pack is the way to go and if you get one of the electrocuting guns its pretty awesome.

  28. Jenkins33 says:

    This game would be crazy with a level editor!

  29. mike1185 says:

    can’t beat first level!

  30. the doctor says:

    this game is hard!!!!

  31. Jenkins33 says:

    How do U get missile pod?

  32. too pro says:

    finished the game + minelayer rebound and blobber max is too OP

  33. sonic freak says:

    mix a cable, capacitator crystal and a reactor!!!
    you will get SHREDDER!!!!

  34. Scouter says:

    i got stuck up on level one

  35. legodude says:

    yes it is

  36. dreed speed says:

    how do you beat the buzz saw?

  37. epic swag says:

    btw rebounder maxed and heavy blobber maxed will win any level and i finished whole game ^_^

  38. 1212awesome says:

    how do you make the repairing helmet

  39. ldgicdrg says:


  40. boomboy says:

    love this game

  41. Anonymous says:

    love it

  42. Hammu says:

    hope u like this game ;)

  43. monkeyboy says:

    rebounders awsome

  44. dingding says:

    hardest game ever

  45. Chicken1 says:

    I have a few more levels till I finish it.

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