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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion

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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion”

  1. Dread Spud says:

    Dis Fun!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    bad game

  3. Bob says:

    What’s the best way to deal with repair drones?

  4. yo man says:

    combine a coil, plating, processor, and a capacitor. to make a lazer beam gun that burs though robots

  5. normal says:

    I use a missile pod blaster with the ecm pack, very good.

    also, its better to use nanorepair drone.

  6. lazr man says:

    to get a lazer beam use a coil a capacitor a proseser and a crystal

  7. -the big pacchino says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    If you want an awesome blaster robot use a coil a cable a reactor a plating.It zaps lazers

  9. Negative says:

    The EMP is the most broken video game power since they redid the kirby spark power. :)

  10. Catseye says:

    My data got erased… ??? I almost beat the game too!

  11. Bob says:

    If Dredd is being pulled to a side of the battlefield, wait until he stops. Then push the arrow key in the direction Dredd is being pulled. Free at Last!
    (Example: if Dredd is being pushed to the top, hit the “up” arrow key.)

  12. Negative says:

    Thanks. Any other recipes?

  13. SNODAFR says:

    hope fully game is cool

  14. Bob says:

    What do Processors and Calatysts do?

  15. Bob says:

    I got a reactor!

  16. Bob says:

    I don’t have a reactor. It’s the only category I don’t have an item from.

  17. cappodano21 says:

    If you want a sweet gun that will do damage, the Rebounder is a solid choice. Use a coil, a plating, a reactor, and a processor. If you want an awesome thing to strap on your back, go with the EMP Divice. Use a cable, a crystal, a coil, and a reactor.

    Keep in mind, the higher quality junk you use, the better your gear will be.

    Tip: the Nanorepair Drone is one of the best investments there. The Medpack doesn’t work that well.

  18. Game Master says:

    Having trouble? Combine a coil, a capacitor, a plating and a reactor to make a Nanorepair Drone.

  19. Godzilla 90,s says:


  20. SVA master says:

    recipe for basic blaster: coil,capacitor,plating,cable
    recipe for basic helmet:coil,capacitor,plating,crystal
    recipe for basic jetpack: coil,capacitor,crystal,cable
    recipe for boombox: coil,crystal,cable,plating
    recipe for missile pod:crystal,cable,plating,capacitor

  21. GOODBOY says:

    It’s very easy.Can you give me something hard?

  22. Game Master says:

    I BEAT IT!!!!!!

  23. help says:

    I can’t save!!:(

  24. he says:

    how do you win E1

  25. star wars fan says:


  26. stuperman says:

    D-6 is HARD

  27. Nic says:

    one more level one more level one more…………

  28. scratchy says:

    It is super hard!Am I wrong?

  29. fanboy784 says:

    i beat the game and it hasn’t even been announced in the Boys Life magazine.

  30. STMTHEA says:

    I agree with wert

  31. yoshi lover says:

    the game is fun complocated and cool all at the same time! I LOVE IT!

  32. It's Bob Again says:

    It is EPIC!!!!!!!

  33. joe says:

    it is not tohard but you should collect more items

  34. Zingo58 says:

    I LOVE IT!!

  35. touchdown7 says:

    good game

  36. Coco2891 says:


  37. BSA says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  38. Superman says:

    Defeated a level in 4.21 seconds try to defeat it

  39. 1932base says:

    How do you make a blaster?

    • Easy says:

      Get 4 items of junk and drag them to the 4 spots on the construction area. Agun, helmet, or jetpack will appear in the middle, then swap it with another gun.

  40. game master says:

    Dredd is stuck moving up!!! How do I stop it?

  41. purple bird says:

    Purple Bird here. I just started playing and so far, it seems like all the other Dredd Speed games, you actually move around. And not only that, it’s pretty hard and it’s pretty hard. (Yes, I just said that twice.) I would rather just play Pedro and the 100-Year Quest. PEECHTIVAL!

  42. fanboy784 says:

    Takes a while to load.

  43. bubba says:

    I hate it.

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