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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion

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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion”

  1. dredFan says:

    i beat the game with
    1. nanroepair drown level 16
    2. heavy blobber level 15
    3.plasma cutter level 17
    4.crystalis pod levlel 15

  2. mzaktech says:

    I JUST MADE A NEW BLASTER! It looks the same though! HOW do I beat the bot with lasers?

  3. pikachu says:

    It is so hard!!!! How do you get a new helmet????

  4. Anonymous says:

    what does the boss look like ?

  5. Yeah says:

    To make an awesome headset: 1 crystal, 1 catalyst, 1 processor, and 1 plating. Enjoy!

  6. Yeah says:

    Beat Level B-1 in 4:24!

  7. bob the boss says:

    i beat it in 1 hour

  8. fdgdvgdffgfg says:

    beat the first one without using guns in 2.76 seconds

  9. rfrfbsjfglfskjnvf says:

    beat the first one in 4.88 seconds

  10. hi im awesome says:

    i need a beter gun any ideas :)

  11. spiller says:

    too hard

  12. CampingGuy101 says:

    This game is super addictive.You need to play it.

  13. dabob says:

    my computer stinks!

  14. Anonymous says:

    What is the numbers. Please tell me!!

  15. go for gold says:

    new high score for 1st level: 1.66 seconds…

  16. go for gold says:

    i have two level 20 swarmers, a nanorepair helmet (lvl 20), and a berserker device (lvl 20). i can beat the first enemy in 2.06 seconds. think you can beat me?

  17. JCO says:

    Re bounder and missile launcher are great particularly in the mazes in the later levels.

  18. weegee says:

    theres a glitch on my cpu,it moves left atuomaticly

    • Dredd trhe Amazing of Epicness says:

      I sometimes have this problem too. Dredd automatically moves left (or right o r up or whatever direction) and you’re stuck there. To fix it, simply push the arrow key of the direction you are being pulled. If you’re moving left, push the left arrow key. Free at last!

  19. The super epic person says:

    I am a missile freak, i go with a nanorepair drone, dual missile pod and a missle pack

  20. Trexicons says:

    What works for me in this game is
    Helmet: Nanorepair Drone
    Weapon 1: Dredd blaster
    Weapon 2: Shredder

    …but that’s just me. Everyone has different strategies.

  21. chimp122 says:

    how do you make the plasma cutter?

  22. Awesome SPY!!!! says:

    How to make a really AWESOME GUN: Deuterium Processor, Monofilament cable, Fusion Reactor, Ion Coil. ENJOY!!!!! ;)

  23. Frodo Baggins says:

    I like it. I beat it with only level 18 technology.

  24. simon says:

    make this game restart!

  25. blah blah blah says:

    the heavy blobber is awesome!67.75 damage!What is a class V crystal, reactor,processor?

  26. Awesomator77 says:

    ok :l

  27. Dredd Speed says:

    Please do note that armor means max health.

  28. master chief says:

    how do u make a spartan laser?

  29. Dredd Speed says:

    Targetting Goggles= 1267

  30. Dredd Speed says:

    Crystalis pod=1256

  31. kermit says:

    3 wrds: WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Imran says:

    so hard and so easy

  33. .namenotfound.error. says:

    to hard. thet should have less lives

  34. D BOY says:

    TOO EASY!!! >:( But, Pretty fun cuz i beat it! :) :P :D :lol:

  35. Bob Guy says:

    When you’re building make these:
    capacitor+ crystal+ plating+ cable=missile pod
    cable+ crystal+coil+reactor=EMP device

  36. minecraft zach says:

    toooooooo hard !

  37. aca rate says:

    lots of bugs

  38. Rocket Ron says:

    How do you complete sector A1?

  39. Yo mama says:

    This game is terrible. NEVER play it. There’s much more fun games out there, and you shouldn’t waste your time on this one.

  40. Nether Minecraft Boy says:

    a-1 hard.
    it should be easy :(

  41. DUDE 123 says:

    It wont let me restart

  42. Master Chief says:

    How do you beat level e-5? Please Help!!!

  43. soot 'em to exsplode says:


  44. Roboclaw says:

    the best weapon is the missle launcher. Its even better if u have 2.

  45. Tintin says:


  46. Human that needs help says:

    how do you make a shredder?(nit a swarmer, I want a shredder)

  47. pokemon says:

    best headset ever. The hot head

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