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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion

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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion”

  1. male human says:

    I have:
    1. nano repair drone
    2.missle pod
    3.missle pod
    4. boombox

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do you make the helmet that charges your pack items?

  3. KINGAWESOME says:

    Darth Kid Only: what is the best weapon?

  4. OMEGA SECTION says:

    what do the number codes mean?

  5. OMEGA SECTION says:

    what does stuff like “1238” and “2351” mean? i know its a code for the weapon but what do the numbers mean?

  6. darth kid says:

    1238=heavy blobber

  7. Enderman Guns says:

    is shock orb good?

  8. Hoejoe says:

    The game is alright, But its just to addicting I can’t stop playing it.

  9. garhole says:

    what is junk piece #8 please let me know Darth kid thanks.

    • The Dredd-Lord says:

      Scrap piece #8 is the Catalyst. There are only two levels of Catalyst, the Alpha Catalyst (Class IV) and the Omega Catalyst (Class V). The Catalyst is mainly used for heavy weaponry and armor.

    • darth kid says:

      catalyst used for heavy blobber and fishbowl

    • Rock Star 627 says:

      Those numbers everyone is posting mean the columns (eg. coil=1, capacitor=2, etc).

  10. dude says:

    I do not like this game I just can’t stop playing lt

  11. yaktak says:

    Yo, Darth kid,
    What do you think is the best weapon?

  12. Gamer Boy says:

    I use:
    Plasma Cutter- 1378
    Nanorepair Drone- 1236
    Swarm Storm- 1247
    EMP- 1456

  13. yeerk slug says:

    Lvl 1 3.19 sec beat THAT!

  14. yaktak says:

    What is the best weapon and how do you make it?

  15. Trent says:

    One of the best games.

  16. mkid25 says:

    level 1.76 no joke

  17. yuck says:

    level 1 03.69secs

  18. The Dredd-Lord says:

    To make the Nanorepair Drone Helmet, you need a metal plating, a coil, a capacitor, and a reactor. The higher level, the better.

  19. Gilaflame says:

    Sheilds are easy to beat with an EMP.

  20. mewtwo says:

    How do you get #8?!?

  21. hey says:

    best gun.


  22. ? says:

    How do you make the nanorepair bot?

  23. hskaratekid says:

    how do you make a lasser

  24. says:

    boring :(

  25. darth kid says:

    the class v stuff is the best you can get. If you have an orange crystal, it is better then a red one. you are going to get the same thing If you use a duterium procsesser or a quantum proscesser, only better.

  26. darth kid says:

    2458= proximity laser

  27. darth kid says:

    1368= ultra burner try this If you want a death ray

    yours totally awsomley
    darth kid

  28. darth kid says:

    the numbers mean the order from left to right. enjoy.
    1378=plasma cutter 1267=rebounder 1237=laser
    1467=shock orb
    for more combos look in older comments

    darth kid

  29. darth kid says:

    If you want to know how to make a cool thing, tell me what kind of thing ( headset gun pack ) tell me so I can tell you the combo

    darth kid

  30. natemo says:

    Has anybody got a laser beam gun because I have! It is awsome!

  31. Sam says:

    Use the bomb layer on level one it is so easy!!!!

  32. gerber says:

    i built a beserker device! it makes you shoot faster for a short time.
    how i made it?
    1. alpha crystalist
    2. thermal reactor
    3.magawatt capasitor
    4.deuterium prossesor
    this game is awesomesause!

  33. A really awesome person says:

    Nice game!

  34. Dredd Speed's friend, Peewee says:

    you know, dredd is me

  35. the boss man says:

    i beat the first level no guns 0.6 seconds

  36. gollum says:

    my stuff
    1.missle pod
    2.missle pod
    3.nanorepair drone

    • gerber says:

      MY stuff:
      1. missle pod
      2.missle pod
      3.proximity laser
      4.missle pack

      best game EVER

      • darth kid says:

        my stuff
        1.lvl 20 rebounder
        2.lvl 20 rebounder
        3.lvl 20 fishbowl
        4.lvl 16 emp dvice
        ps please tell me how to make an emp

    • Dredd the Amazing of Epicness says:

      MY Stuff:
      Level 18 Nanorepair Drone
      Level 17 Heavy Blobber
      Level 16 Rebounder
      Level 15 EMP Device

  37. dredd speed says:

    awesome misslepods

  38. joev9 says:

    the best game here

  39. eagle1019 says:

    Beat the game 2 months ago

  40. The Destroyer says:

    Hard Game And Kind Of Boring

  41. pop says:

    it is good

  42. POOP says:

    how do you make a rebounder

  43. SpartnMonkee says:

    MY GAME WONT SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. SpartnMonkee says:

    Really awesome after you get upgrades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Pedro's father says:

    I love this game!

  46. Frogman says:

    Can some one make a chart that says how to build evreything

  47. Dredd Speed says:

    I like this and all the other games about me, except for Intergalactic Suspects. Thatone is annoying…

  48. killbot says:

    hard but fun

  49. MOTORCYCLE says:


  50. critic says:

    sheilds are annoying!

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