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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion

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Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Dredd Speed and the Robot Rebellion”

  1. boogster says:

    i figuered out the shock orb gun combanaton on axedend

  2. Trickster9 says:

    Which is better, a swarm storm or a missile pod?

  3. PG Perfect says:

    How do you make a Boombox?

  4. Rinolisous says:

    I beat the first one in 1:13. and darth kid, do you think that the boombox(lev 14), the laser beam(lev 17), the fishbowl(lev 15) and the heavy blobber(lev 17) is a good combo?

  5. halo 67 says:

    anything could make it easier

  6. whatsup says:

    to make a laser you need a coil a processer a capacitor and some plating

  7. CHALLENGER says:

    Beat A-1 in .82 seconds. Can anyone do better?

  8. tomska says:

    i beat the boss in 28 seconds

  9. 40k wizdakka says:

    how do you macke shreders?

  10. down load says:

    How do you make a lazer

  11. Expert says:

    Shredder and Missile pod is good. Beat the boss with it.

  12. Dredd the Amazing of Epicness says:

    Yay! I competed my junk collection! I have at least one of every material!

  13. Dredd the Amazing of Epicness says:

    To beat a robot, all you have to do is fly circles around it with your gun pointed at the robot. Then the robot will aim and by the time it shoots, you will be past that location. Plus, drones will try to chase you in circles but shouldn’t be able to get you. Also, Spinning Doom Lasers should be no problem, since your already going in circles!

  14. Rock Star 627 says:

    I wonder if anyone could beat me at a Sector E-8 boss time contest. My time is 49 seconds and 26 hundredths.

  15. Rock Star 627 says:

    I’ve completed my material collection! Now I can waste it on useless junk!

  16. Rock Star 627 says:

    I have every material except cortical capacitors.

  17. Rock Star 627 says:

    I beat Sector A-1 in 00:01.66 (Translation: 1.66 seconds).

  18. upset says:

    the game is awesome, but I CAN’T RESET MY PROGRESS!

  19. mr.ender says:

    how do I make a nanorepair

  20. Rock Star 627 says:

    Best combo:
    Nano Repair Drone
    Swarm Storm (2x)

    • Emp emporer says:

      Boombox at level 20 is worse than EMP device at level 20. Boombox does 100 damage and takes 30 sec. to recharge. EMP does the same damage and also disables weaponry for awhile. It also takes 20 secs to reload.
      EMP- 1456

  21. Woot says:

    How do you make nanorepairdrone

  22. dommo55 says:

    Its hard in some ways but sometimes easy. :1

  23. #1player says:

    i can onley move up an down

  24. wcharlie123 says:


  25. mii says:

    I like this game, I don’t like that every level is a bos level.

  26. Gamer says:

    This game is awesome!

  27. 50.0 says:

    what can you make with catalyst

  28. 00005 says:

    I love the laser gun

  29. da awsome one says:

    last level in 2:08.53

  30. lala says:

    it is Very fun

  31. Rock Star 627 says:

    does anyone know how to make a lvl 20 BoomBox

  32. Rock Star 627 says:

    I am BOSS at this game! I wish that there was head-to-head multiplayer for this game.Otherwise, best game on BL website.

  33. Tenderfoot says:

    2.move forward
    3.beat the robot
    4.VICTORY :)

  34. Anonymous says:

    processor reactor coil and plating

  35. beef jerkey 1000000 says:


  36. Pee Wee says:

    I like the game.

  37. likeaboss says:


  38. gamer12 says:

    The Swarm Storm (1246) is the gun that deals the most damage, at 300 per second unmodified (at tech 20)

  39. yaktak says:

    I beat the final boss finally. It has a weak spot to hit but I wont ruin the game for the rest of you

  40. Anonymous says:

    my jetpack is so good i killed the boss with my jetpack

  41. dreed 101 says:

    1 processer 1cable 1 coil and 1 reactor = a shock orb gun

  42. me says:

    lazer,heavy blobber,missle pack,nanorepair drone is the way to go. beat the game 6 months ago.

  43. I am a girl says:

    I love this game!!!!!p.s.I agree

  44. Anonymous says:

    I wish that there was and inventory section so I could keep extra weapons/gear.

  45. kenta says:

    what is the best weapon and pack and helmet combo?

    • Rock Star 627 says:

      Nano Repair (Coil Capacitor Plating Reactor)
      Swarm Storm ( Coil Capacitor Cable Reactor)
      Boombox (Don’t know that recipe)

  46. Jodasho says:

    Beat the boss In 1:07 Minutes!
    Reply with your time for the boss.

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. doodlfredgirl says:

    its hard

  49. Skyguy says:

    number codes like ‘1236’ or ‘1234’ mean the number of columns over in the constructomat.

  50. da bomb says:

    game is good but it crashes and i die

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