Comments about “Snowball Camp”

  1. Awesome 100% says:


  2. Awesome 100% says:

    Very Pinbally

  3. piano3103 says:

    66003 as Ethan

  4. phienix says:

    good game fives stars

  5. DaCreeper999 says:

    I’ve loved this game fer years :)

  6. Laserguy87 says:

    ducky is everywhere… EVERYWHERE!!!!

  7. The Star Scout says:

    This took forever to load.

  8. awesome says:

    I’m #1!
    And #21 this week.

  9. annoyed says:

    It’s not putting my high score into the leader board. HELP!

  10. awesome says:

    108 this week

  11. Doctor Who says:

    I would play this all the time if I wasn’t busy saving the world.

  12. Laserguy87 says:

    Almost every day I get number 1 in the top 5 high scores for the day!

  13. coolmano911 says:


  14. 21kid says:

    how does a magnet attract snowballs?

  15. icehawk says:

    who the heck is “Ducky”?

  16. coolbigjohn says:

    2 nd time playing 1/5/14

  17. cub says:

    today i got 2nd :)

  18. cub says:

    omygosh this is fun!

  19. C.o.d player says:

    Not very fun

  20. ROCCO6519 says:

    O.M.G. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. me says:

    Good game for winter time

  22. Veedo3 says:

    Ty you spelled points wrong.

  23. pizza steve says:


  24. cheese ball 100 says:


  25. spongebobcupseries says:


  26. mimi says:

    This game rocks!!😄

  27. spongebobcupseries says:


  28. n says:

    my name is n in this game. I like this game

  29. n says:

    I love this game

  30. MOOSESHOT says:


  31. Pinball Wizard says:

    I’ve played lots of virtual pinball games, and most of them (like Eagle Scout Pinball) really stank, but Snowball Camp is probably the most accurate virtual pinball game I’ve ever played. Keep on making good games like this, Boy’s Life!

  32. ty says:

    i love this game! oce i got 56678 ponits oh yeath

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