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  1. awesome kid anakin says:

    it ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so totally like it.:-)

  2. Mooseman says:

    Number 16 all time !!D;

  3. Awesome says:

    I was ranked 4th!!! all time Wow!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome says:

    I just now was ranked 21 on the ALL TIME list look and see my name is the same as it is here:Awesome

  5. he says:

    Does anybody know how to get a really good all time score?

  6. like a boss123 says:


  7. computer man says:

    I really like pinball games so I thought it was cool.(no bugs ether!)

  8. he says:

    Playing this + watching football = best day ever!

  9. Dm says:

    number 44 all time!!!

  10. Jojo says:

    17 2dayyyyy!

  11. Iblis says:

    Sorry Silver. Yer 34 this week now. Feel 4 u.

  12. lord of the rings BOYYY says:

    Game gets a 10! Yea BOYYY

  13. hoohoo says:

    I made 69 on today

  14. Blaze says:

    Hey Silver couldn’t find you.
    What’s your score?

    • Silver (from Sonic '06) says:

      I checked the high scores the other day, and I was #36. I might have been knocked down a few places since then, so check both the first and second pages of high scores.

  15. dm says:

    hey how do u get to the castle at the top???

    • Uranium138 says:

      Find a way to circle the hoop thingies at the top (they accelerate you) and at the right moment hit either a or d.

    • computer man says:

      Use the snow bank just under it.

    • Mooseman says:

      There are a few ways to do it. One way is to get the snowball to the upper left spring by the magnet. You activate the spring, sending the ball up to the top. The ball will come down and go the the speed tunnel on the middle left. At the right moment you have to hit the ball w/ the flipper and send it up the other speed tunnel. Once it gets through you hold down one of the flipper buttons (this activates the ice triangle) and the ball should go strait up to the tower.

  16. Silver (from Sonic '06) says:

    My name is Silver. You’ll find me in the top 30 of all time best scores. If you don’t, then, well, someone beat me. If you wish to challenge me, name yourself Iblis, Mephiles, or Blaze. Then look for my name in the all time list of best scores. Let me know how you did!

  17. bhmjmhibjhgghfmgbgv says:

    i am 338 all time!

  18. THE BOSS says:

    How do you get more life’s? i need to know

  19. Joshypo says:


  20. set says:

    how do you get extra lifes

  21. khloebo says:

    It isent working on a I phone

  22. BOB says:

    it is awesome!

  23. Goodjob says:

    It isn’t working

  24. 2013 says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess the world DIDN’T end in 2012, huh?

  25. how says:

    how do you get more life’s?

  26. jman says:

    im on a 3DS

  27. bob193 says:

    good game wish i could get on high scores

  28. BigG says:

    WAY COOL!!!

  29. mr.epic says:


  30. w.k. says:

    this game is awesome

  31. boss-gamgamstyl-bart joe says:

    its like a good pinball game in the snow which is big.SO BOSS!!!!!!!!yet so COOL!!

  32. dragon4 says:

    i beated the score 500,000

  33. starwars2374 says:


  34. Mooseman says:

    I got to the tower up top around 8 times in one day! Sadly, the tower does not work after the third time you reach it.

  35. 1932base says:

    There’s a tower at the top; what does it do?

  36. foxguy says:

    how is it?

  37. The Critic says:

    I would give this game a 3.9 out of 5. The magnets are buggy and the area with all the trees in the middle should be revised because when you come out of it, you fall straight into the fire. The good part is that you can get extra balls if you know how. Example: the bouncy train car and the left magnet area. Another good thing is that the game sometimes randomly respawns gems.

  38. zach attack says:

    this is the best pinball game in the whole wide worold

  39. SuperPower says:

    Awesome,got a score of 500,000!Post if you beat this!

  40. qwertymn vghjby says:

    Awesome!!!!!! The game is awesome 999

  41. derp says:

    yet another ripoff of pixlel jams snowball

  42. weird dude says:

    how do you play.

  43. Greek Geek says:

    I love it!!!

  44. turkey says:

    good game

  45. George says:


  46. Ats says:

    Beastly snow ball game
    Definitely 5

  47. someone says:

    THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!! :):):)

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