Comments about “Snowball Camp”

  1. Alpha says:

    83 in all!!!!!!!!!

  2. Camper172 says:

    Top 7 today

  3. fakela says:

    try to get less than 22 points! I did it!!!!

  4. Gonzo says:

    Also #291 inthe week

  5. Gonzo says:

    #45 today

  6. Alpha1351 says:

    #1 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. gun says:

    #56 i scored 29120

  8. bobby says:

    5th for today

  9. CRESS368 says:

    #5 today!!!! #145 on the week!!!

  10. ddman says:

    15 on today

  11. Chazzscout says:

    Beat this 188333

  12. DM says:

    #1 on the day!!!! #27 all time!!!!

  13. spiller says:

    20th for today

  14. Alpha says:

    what happens if you get in the castle?

  15. DM says:

    number 7 on the day with a weak score?!

  16. Survivalist says:

    #99!!! yeah! lol jk

  17. wierdo says:

    LOVE IT!! :) :P :D

  18. Awesome E says:


  19. weegee says:

    w00t!47 today!!!

  20. glaceon101 says:

    my name appears 4 times on board!!!

  21. wil says:

    number 4 today

  22. Jaux says:

    #2 on today, #68 on all time, with 336412

  23. Minecraft says:

    I got 56,707 points and 12 place on today!!

  24. Preshisss says:


  25. awesome says:


  26. jg24redsox says:


  27. bilbo says:

    it’s fun

  28. papasboy08 says:

    i got 152921!!!

  29. eagle smaker says:

    its so fun but i got in 84 place not cool

  30. Bilbo says:

    Awsome game

  31. awsumgame says:

    I got #10 on today!!!!!

  32. boiuygf says:

    derby town racing stinks

  33. thumpback says:

    super HYDRA COOL FUN!

  34. Anonymous says:

    75,311 points, like a boss

  35. 1212thedoctor says:

    52,783 points. I’m getting good at this game :)

  36. 1212thedoctor says:

    Another high score! 45,815

  37. 1212thedoctor says:

    My new high score! 41,443

  38. 1212thedoctor says:

    My high score is 38,129

  39. CRESS365 says:


  40. kinesis says:

    I got 1st place on 1/15/13

  41. Yo says:

    I got 7th.

  42. Kinesis says:

    This is awesome

  43. 84 says:

    The game has a bug. every time I lose a ball it says ball locked and lets me respawn and doesn’t use up any balls. ONly bad thing is I can ever finish the game

  44. wormling59mep screams says:

    I HATE IT!

  45. AwsomeSPY!!!! says:

    Right now im watching Broncos vs. Ravens Playoff game. GO BRONCOS!!!!!! Broncos are going to the Super Bowl against the Seahawks.

  46. AwesomeSpy!!! says:

    I’m #20!!!  :)

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