Comments about “Snowball Camp”

  1. ducky says:

    I’m first whenever i play

  2. coco says:

    Awsome game :)

  3. Pharrel says:

    1 for the past week

  4. kiiiii says:

    to get to the
    castle when you get to the entrance to the igloo push side and down arrow.

  5. nerf man says:


  6. ninajboy6 says:

    i love love it

  7. awesomeness says:

    I got 9th on 3rd try!

  8. Yeah says:

    I got 12th place on the leader boards–on my FIRST TRY!!

  9. nickle says:

    it is a fun game

  10. adventure5 says:

    how do you activate magnet towers?

  11. miner says:

    i am in third place in all time :)

  12. juju bee says:

    your game is awesome

  13. ari says:

    I never made it

  14. vampiredude says:

    awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. den5 says:

    This game rocks my brain.

  16. Anonymous says:

    this game is so fun

  17. Poo says:

    Only made to the castle once

  18. Castle Wanter says:

    How do you get up to the castle at the very, very top????

  19. mrcoolt says:

    woot got 11 place

  20. moo man says:

    it’s good ;)

  21. Dread Spudd says:

    Whose Ducky?

  22. The Moose says:

    Number One today

  23. likeaboss359 says:

    peace out cub scouts

  24. kkk says:

    i love this 10 of 10

  25. matt says:

    awesome but to much like pin ball lol not o_o

  26. SKL says:

    124893! #5 today! #28 this week!

  27. Nick The Jumping Spider says:

    my score is 93,574. im not very good but this game is still quite fun

  28. Nick The Jumping Spider says:

    its very fun and very awesome!! but does get boring after 40 minutes :p

  29. wierdo says:

    it is WAY better than pinball by far!!! :)

  30. awesome says:

    i got 153478

  31. rufis says:

    it is cool

  32. 12 says:

    score 99,000

  33. lifescout454 says:

    i got a score of 63199

  34. i need a hamburger says... says:

    AWESOME!it is addicting score=100000000

  35. butter says:

    22963 is my score

  36. Waterlizard403 says:

    Best game EVER!!!!

  37. Waterlizard403 says:

    I got 79496

  38. benjy says:

    cool game :)

  39. Score maker says:

    I got 81219 on this cool game;)

  40. sax says:

    I got 56424

  41. pee wee says:

    i have scroed 354678

  42. IggyTheVampire says:

    This game is so addicting…

  43. Archery king says:

    Love it !!!!!!!!!!!

  44. banana says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Mariokart64 says:

    almost, no all the games here are just rip-offs. Pedro’s space adventure? Robot Wants series. Derby Town racing? Hover Kart Racing. SERIOUSLY THEY JUST CHANGED THE NAME AND A FEW DETAILS!

  46. joey says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! ;D

  47. HAxXeROr says:

    what is inside ze castle O_O and how did you get there???

  48. weooooo says:

    love this made it to the castle! :-D

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