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  1. Leon says:

    (Please note that that is not my real name) I got about 250,000 points, got into the snow mound 6 times, got into the tower twice, and obtained 9 of the 10 crystals in one game!

  2. sand says:

    I played seven or eight times it was so good.

  3. XXW says:

    2nd & lower for best scores today! 34th best score this week!

  4. jake says:

    I the best today!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dude says:

    I keep on losing points because I have my finger on the spacebar to activate the magnet towers then I accidentally press it when I have an arrow key held down then it nudges the ball and takes away 1000 POINTS!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    the snowballs are geting biger

  7. everythang is awesome says:


  8. mjm says:

    I got up to 212941 and it just quit. There wasn’t any ball showing, but it didn’t and give me my score. It just sat there doing nothing.

  9. ElephantLover says:


  10. TATERSALD says:


  11. oyeah says:

    today’s third highest score

  12. 246 says:

    this game is just like normal pinnball… only better!

  13. Magic Flakes says:

    Dang…I didn’t know it was possible to have such split second accuracy… I guess the Boy Scouts are just that good.

  14. elyk says:

    it it awsome

  15. cub says:

    score 82739

  16. TomGL says:

    OMG This game is so fun! I like the 8-bit graphics, the background is sweet, and it’s AWESOME!

  17. bro says:

    what happens when you get three trapped snowballs

  18. strickcjj says:

    sonic is beter

  19. Mooseman says:

    Welcome to the new # 1, numero uno, the big dog. With a score of 4,402,574 Mooseman now has the all-time high score.

  20. hahahaaAAAAUGH!!! says:

    pretty epic

  21. 123345jona says:

    its pinball………………..

  22. worst ever says:

    120!!!!!!!!!!!!!try getting a score lower than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. YOLO 57 says:

    I set a high score on this game (not to brag).

  24. no snow says:

    where i live, there is no snow!!!

  25. firesword says:


  26. mr mime says:

    fun this game is ( yoda talk)

  27. Kyle says:

    Those are so pretty good things guys

  28. Yo says:

    And then you lose your snowballl!!!!

  29. Silver says:

    I used to be really good at this game. Better practice.

  30. Uncle Si says:

    200 on hard! Booyah JACK!

  31. The Wurm says:

    This game is awesome!

  32. legos10 says:

    my score was 31531

  33. a says:

    kind of boring once you’ve been knocking the ball around for awhile

  34. Vader says:

    It’s hard to get to the fans.

  35. wiseguy says:


  36. SUPERMAN says:

    This game is awsome.

  37. fauxdude says:

    This game is addicting!

  38. Le Awesome says:

    I’ve beaten this game over 50 times as BRO22!

  39. frank says:

    How do you turn the sound off?

  40. bob24 says:

    love this game!

  41. The Only Girl Here says:

    I love this game! I’m aiming for number one someday!

  42. agentfly42 says:


  43. ben 53 power says:

    What does the rectangle circle card things do?

  44. ripoff says:

    best game ever! I got second place!

  45. santa says:

    You do you view high school scores? You look at your teachers computer or grade book. That is how you view high school scores.

  46. Ninja8554 says:

    I rule the camp cuz I got 2223;Total Rockets!!!!!!

  47. Scubakid says:

    How do you view high scores?

  48. Cliveman22 says:

    How do you get to the castle your talking about?

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