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Robots vs. Aliens Chess

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  1. :D :P takes forever to load! why

  2. this game rocks

  3. unintelligible nickname // February 8, 2008 at 5:26 pm // Reply

    This game is pretty fun. It’s nice to beat a computer at chess istead of a person because a computer doesn’t tell “your mama” jokes while you’re trying to think. However, I wish that it was a little more difficult. :) :(

  4. Rock on, jerry! You are not a nerd!

  5. Yes! I beat it on HARD!!! :D :D :D

  6. it’s really fun! Kinda hard to see who is who though. The bishops are hard to tell apart if they are somewhere else on the board.

  7. this game rocks. I’m on the chess club so this will help me a lot. NOTE: I’m not a nerd.

  8. I love this game

  9. Thanks, BL, this is an awesome game!!! I haven’t beat HARD yet, but I have gotten a stalemate on it!

  10. this game is awesome! i love chess; i recomend it to advance players and to beginners!

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