Comments about “Robots vs. Aliens Chess”

  1. bob the chicken sandwich says:


  2. Simon says:

    Simon says “Beat the game in 1 try”

  3. dude says:

    in 120 moves i got a stalemate!?!?!?!

  4. Webelo185 says:

    Epic game,dude.

  5. john says:

    that was easy

  6. superill says:

    i like chess at home but not against a computer.

  7. chess lover says:

    Just won it in 3 moves. Queen’s raid / Blitzkrieg (German) (note I have said this before when I did it another time).

  8. chess lover says:

    beat the game in 23 moves. How many have others gotten. (anyone beaten it in 3? it can be done.

  9. chess lover says:

    For some reason I have to keep coming back to play this game.

  10. evilhamster says:

    died. i stink at chess on computers but i have a chance when playing with people

  11. dude says:

    I won by doing Blitzkrieg!!!

  12. hunt says:

    i love this

  13. kevin says:

    awesome game

  14. knothead says:

    I won! For once I won!
    5. You: bishop Checkmate e2 – h5
    4. Comp: pawn f7 – f5
    3. You: bishop f1 – e2
    2. Comp: pawn g7 – g5
    1. You: pawn e2 – e3

  15. coolman360 says:

    this game isn’t fair

  16. yoda says:

    hard this game is

  17. scoutguy275 says:

    I think that this game knows Blitzkrieg because it blocks it every time I use it.

  18. uncchamp57 says:

    Hard is so easy!

  19. someone says:

    love chess but t is hard getting used to the peices

  20. AdventuresinOdysseyRocks says:

    This is how you do Blitzkrieg:
    Move the pawn in front of your king out 2 spaces.
    Move Bishop to C4 if It’s not available move to D5 or B3
    Move Queen to the farthest space after pawn has been moved or H5
    Move Queen to Pawn diagonal to your Queen and his king or F7
    You Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. AdventuresinOdysseyRocks says:


  22. 404 says:

    4 moves i cought the king and only took 1 pawn!

  23. ♥Anubus♥ says:

    I don’t like chess.

  24. someone says:

    You can win with only a king and pawn, a queen and king can win. If a pawn gets to the other side you can change it to any thing.

  25. master says:

    how do you beat it in 3 moves?

  26. Funky_monkey says:

    so simple they moved their quenn out in the second move and i shot my quenn up and got their king in 4 moves

  27. okbuthow says:

    lol four move checkmate no blast

  28. Autobot says:

    In one game, my Rook was chasing the opponent’s King!!!

  29. adhouston99 says:

    I like chess but i like playing with real people

  30. Autobot says:

    What’s “Queen’s Raid”?

  31. hcvhfdgfhgf says:

    i hate chess

  32. Autobot says:

    The opponent’s Queen caught my Rook but it was a checkmate.

  33. Mr.Laugh says:

    i lost when the opponent still had all pieces on the board

  34. queen's gambit luver says:

    i cant castle

  35. weblos says:


  36. Buzz says:


  37. mymy says:

    Luv It !!!!!!!!!!

  38. dude says:

    i do like it

  39. bezerkerguy says:


  40. Chess MASTER says:

    Wow!!! This is even hard for me!

  41. bezerkerguy says:

    I always lose but I can’t leave the game

  42. a girl says:

    Won 4 moves

  43. nobody says:

    sorta dumb

  44. Yeller says:


  45. logo1220 says:

    I’m bad at chess

  46. Moonman says:

    I beated the computer in 93 moves even though the computer had a
    king,a knight,a bishop,a rook, and a pawn while I had 3 pawns, a
    king, and a rook.

  47. chess lover says:

    okay I’m probably going to go play chess with myself now, I hope black wins! Actually I find myself very hard to beat at chess.

  48. chess lover says:

    I beat it on easy and hard with the Queen’s Raid also called the Blitzkrieg.

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