Comments about “Robots vs. Aliens Chess”

  1. sweet says:

    ‘cool and hard ‘

  2. JS says:

    It doesn’t let you castle.

    • K-Bob says:

      It lets you castle if you are able to. You cannot have been in check and cannot castle into check. To castle, you select the King as the piece to move. The Rook will light up as a square you can move the king to. Select the Rook and it will castle to the correct squares.

  3. Boyscout99 says:

    This is SOOO easy! Even on Hard!

  4. BananaBlaster says:

    I really love chess, and this one is very…Umm…Specific? It’s funny but it’s a little bit hard to indetificate pieces. 8 out of 10

  5. teeno says:

    so boring n u dont know what the peices are even…………………i think!!

  6. 611626 says:

    i won ever single time!!!!!! omg

  7. 611626 says:


  8. soon-to-be-eaglescout says:

    I like this game. Fun but hard

  9. Mic Mic says:

    This game is hard and I only got checkmate once it is hard.

  10. guy just guy says:

    easy! i won, i am used to regular chess

  11. marioman101 says:


  12. storybirder says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  13. GMtester says:

    Try thinking of every moves possebilities down to the last move like the computer

  14. monkey says:

    How do I win this game cause you guys sound like you win all the time in this game and so easy.I don`t get this game very quickly as you guys cause it sounds like you can do this game cause I don`t.

  15. Yoman says:

    Rats! Stalemate…for the third time in a row!

  16. bullboy says:

    it is very cool

  17. Mr.Genius says:

    Once, I took out the opponent’s queen by sacrificing my knight and killed it with a pawn.

  18. Mr Genius says:

    I needed one more move to win the game but it said we were at stalemate.

  19. Skateboarder Pro says:

    I don’t think the strategy is too hard and I agree with chess master. The only hard part is remembering which pieces are which.

  20. sonic ROCKS says:

    hi guys whats up oooooh talkin about chess can i join

  21. coolman360 says:

    the blitzcrieg wins but the computer figures it out after 3-4 games so mix in some other moves to make the computer think you are not using it (just be careful not to move your other pieces to C4 or H5 or F7)

  22. Pj w says:

    Is cool

  23. dyl says:

    I tried to use blitzwhatchamacallit, but it blocked and I couldn’t do it so I made a bunch of random moves and I won with my bishop in only five moves!

  24. trifire says:

    This game is WAY TOO EASY my USCF rating is 1100

  25. chess master says:

    the hard part is rmembering which peices are which

  26. sick says:

    it is o.k.

  27. g-man says:

    I like it

  28. halo says:

    This is how you do Blitzkrieg:
    Move the pawn in front of your king out 2 spaces.
    Move Bishop to C4 if It’s not available move to D5 or B3
    Move Queen to the farthest space after pawn has been moved or H5
    Move Queen to Pawn diagonal to your Queen and his king or F7
    You Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. JacobRocks00 says:

    This game is weird

  30. A girl says:

    I remember my days of chess last year in math class. We had a very fun chess tornament. Even though I lost in my second match… ah memories!

  31. Gummy says:


    • bigD says:

      First of all, how? Second of all, how? Third of all, HOW?!?!

      • Alkaline says:

        I cornered their queen in the corner with my king, bishop, and knight then I just cornered their king in the corner with my queen, and rook.

  32. neptunejag says:

    i love chess but im not good most of times

  33. awesomekid says:

    this was kinda hard

  34. neptunejag says:

    i love chess but i hate the stalemate i have to restart every time i play this game with only the king left;(

  35. Gummy says:

    I beat it on hard with 4 moves too!I also did it in easy.

  36. jameson says:

    i do not like it

  37. chessmaster says:

    i got checkmate in four moves on hard. This game is to easy.

  38. darth invader says:

    i won in 23 moves!

  39. Jay Dawg says:

    This game is of the hook yal!!!!

  40. larvitar says:

    I thought it said cheese………

  41. Autobot says:

    What’s the quickest way to capture the king?

  42. mesa jarjar says:

    ok, i guess

  43. cool says:


  44. jack of all trades says:

    I hate chess

  45. yo yo master says:


  46. some one says:

    epic!i love it!

  47. chess lover says:

    you can not castle

  48. dj says:

    I beat the computer in 41 moves.
    41. You: g6 – g7
    40. Comp: c8 – b7
    39. You: f1 – g1
    38. Comp: d8 – e8
    37. You: b2 – c3

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