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  1. doctor who obsessed says:

    This game is impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even on Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!):<

  2. ferguson says:

    love the website and ive won gold medals in chess wanna play,

  3. bubba says:

    And please make sure the instuctions are simple.

  4. Evanescent says:

    I lost at easy, then I won at hard in three moves by playing my usual opening, the bishop’s mate. The computer didn’t even know what hit it! Mwahaha! Overall, pretty fun.

  5. Andrew says:

    The computer player has no idea how to play. Early on i moved my queen to where she could checkmate the king and it didn’t do anything to stop me. It’s stratagy seems to be moving his pawns out two spaces with no other pawns to cover them and moving out king rook in the first 3 moves. I was playing on hard too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    it won’t let me castle

  7. mwilfond says:

    Got scholar’s mate on easy… trying hard

  8. chess master says:

    I won on hard!

  9. JB says:

    lost both

  10. iamchucknorris says:

    i dont get it… it trys to help when i dont need it

  11. iamchucknorris says:

    i am a geek, i LOVE chess

  12. linky02 says:

    it dosent work on hard only easy

  13. linky02 says:

    the 4 move thing dosent work!

  14. B.O.B says:

    way too easy

  15. bri says:

    Great starter chess game!!!!!!!

  16. stormboom says:

    it got my queen in first 20 moves i quit on like 3 moves after my queen got captured

  17. Jack says:

    Crazy GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. bob says:

    this is hard but i have one 2 out of 3 games the 2 timies i won iwas on robots.

  19. dudish dude says:

    too easy

  20. mr.dumbbot says:

    the alien team looks wierd

  21. is dumb says:

    won w/ 4 moves

  22. $$$$$$$$$ says:

    no like! it is not working becuase its not real chess!

  23. No1rooster says:

    Im good at chess! When the king is gone the game keeps on going. When your king is gone you lose! but it dosen’t do that! :)

  24. gigi says:

    i actually not good at chess i just pick the nearest to the robot queen i always do aliens because the alien queen looks fiercer

  25. MR.GAMER says:

    it worked for me on the second try on eazy.

  26. awesome says:

    it only works with robots on hard

  27. cubmaster4life says:

    Win in 4 moves:
    Pawn E2 to E4
    Bishop F1 to C4
    Queen D1 to F3
    Queen F3 to F7

  28. timten says:

    I won without knowing it by check-mating the king. It surprised me!

  29. chess 2nd says:

    My bro won in 5 moves using my speicail position diffrent way.

  30. Lego universe 212 says:

    I lost everyone , except my king, so i moved him around till checkmate and i lost. i was robots.

  31. super says:

    very easy

  32. cubmaster4life says:

    Smell that? It’s victory! Take that robot scum – checkmate!

  33. some weirdo says:

    its boring!! ): ): ):

  34. thisguy says:

    won in 4 moves

  35. asdfghjkl says:

    I won in 21 moves!

  36. one handit says:

    It is hard but fun

  37. the life says:

    I had trouble at first , so i moved until it was a stalemate/draw then i just won with a checkmate. PS.stalemate is normally caused when the person has no legal move but not in check

  38. bob17 says:

    I like this game. it is kind of hard for those who don’t play chess that often and the pieces are sort of hard to identify.

  39. yuyusan says:

    it`s to easy,I got about eleven checkmate and two staremate.

  40. kronk says:

    This is a great beginner’s trainer for chess.

  41. jake says:

    dumb game

  42. jackaroo says:

    I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. A dude says:

    this is soooo boooring I quit on the 5th move!

  44. pretty big drummer boy says:

    I was moving my king around every where. CURSE YOU STAREMATE!!!!!!!!!!

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