Comments about “Robots vs. Aliens Chess”

  1. spidey14 says:

    They should make hard more hard, that was easy.

  2. Zam says:

    I love chess

  3. Adil Aj says:

    I will beat u

  4. chesssssss says:

    What a game

  5. awesomeperson625 says:

    ITS SO EASY!!!!!!!!!

  6. why, comatose, why??? says:

    The computer keeps winning at chess, even in easy mode! Computers are getting smarter than humans!!!!!!!!! :D yay! :D :D

  7. JON says:

    it won’t let me move so i think it is unfair

  8. rainbow kitten says:

    so easy

  9. Ninja8554 says:

    I lost so easily so I suck at this, but it is fun!

  10. legolas greenleaf says:

    It’s hard but that’s what makes it fun.

  11. poke'monXYlover says:

    hey lightning stalemate is when your cornered

  12. Lightning says:

    i was winning and it said stalemate can someone please tell me what that means!!

  13. robot_kitten says:

    its nearly impossible to win because the computer is a master! so gg

  14. somebody 2 says:

    me like chess too!

  15. DinoRaptor says:

    i just won

  16. vilma says:

    Get ready to lose

  17. robot_kitten says:

    I had only my king left and I won

  18. zps says:

    impossible i’ve lost 40 times

  19. sam says:

    any 1 hear..

  20. hello world says:

    its impossible it won in like 5 moves

  21. sombody says:

    me like chess

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