Comments about “Robots vs. Aliens Chess”

  1. Super Chicken says:

    This game is AWESOME!

  2. Ed's Dad says:

    This game is so cool me and my boy and girl play together I agree With you Dagger178

  3. Silverhawk says:

    This game rocks!!!

  4. DAGGER178 says:

    This game is so cool even my mom plays it!!!

  5. Exterminator says:

    I think this is a great game, but I found a flaw. The castling feature doesn’t seem to work. Even without it, hard was pretty easy, but the game would be much better if castling was incorporated into it. =)

  6. werdnA says:

    This game is O.K (but why do they display it in recent BL articles? )

  7. luke skywalker says:

    please help me. :( :( :(

  8. Anonymous says:

    its hard

  9. luke skywalker says:

    i agree with confused. how do you actually get to play robots vs. aliens chess? no matter what i do i always end up on this comments screen. :(

  10. tannerscooter says:

    this game is hard. i couldnt even come close to winning once

  11. nature boy86 says:

    I just played it and even though i lost it was “rockin”.

  12. ak47 says:

    can you play real kids?

  13. DAGGER178 says:

    I find this game very interesting for the mind and skill.

  14. Dominant force says:

    This game is great, but it’s far too easy. I’m a mediocre player, so “hard” should be hard for me. However, I find it easy. :-I

  15. ULTIMA2010 says:


  16. Confused says:

    How do you actually get to play?

  17. polar says:

    I have tried this game , and I like robots! They rool !

  18. DAGGER178 says:

    This game is the BOMB, in my opinion.

  19. Jesto-Pest says:

    I love Chess :-)

  20. pokewars3 says:

    it is hard on easy

  21. optimus prime says:

    I like it eventho it is hard.

  22. DAGGER178 says:

    I won this game ONLY IN 17 GAMES!

  23. DAGGER178 says:

    I’m a champ in this game and I think its the most fun game in this WEBSITE!

  24. Orangutan14 says:

    This game is weird! I’m really confused because the pieces, because they’re way different than regular chess pieces! That’s why I don’t like it.

  25. spidermonkey says:

    its not how fast you can beat it its how much damage you make

  26. Digijames3 says:

    Easy! On hard I won it in 5 moves!

  27. bubba says:

    I love boys life it is very coool i like the games and pics

  28. ak47 says:

    its fun

  29. robot456 says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    This game is BORING

    No offense

  31. travman says:

    I doen’t know wate to do. Can you help me?

  32. chess master says:

    beat it in 7 moves on hard! this game is so easy!!!!!!

  33. Black88 says:


  34. aa says:

    this game is hard

  35. player says:

    not so great easy 2 mix up pieces

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. bc says:

    i won on hard in 3 moves! COOL!

  38. Dylan11 says:

    I hope this game is going to be great!

  39. nome says:

    its a little tricky, but LOTS OF FUN!!!

  40. spotb4 says:

    you have cool games

  41. mrio64 says:

    takes time and skill

  42. calicino~uogaz says:

    I won in 15 moves

  43. chess fan says:

    This is somewhat tricky if you mix up the peices, but besides that it is ausome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. chess lover says:

    It is challenging to get into the computer’s head. (Don’t give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  45. BlØØD ¥ETI says:

    Neat game, something you really must try when you are sick of playing of the real chess.

  46. wazzy says:

    i beat it in 23 moves! hahahahaha LOL! im only a 1000 in rating

  47. Robin says:

    The Robots and Aliens chess pieces are a bit confusing. Regardless, it is playable. My guest is the Easy mode is FIDE rated 1000 and the Hard mode is FIDE rated 1200. Average chess player FIDE rating is 1600. If you want to win chess, this is the chess playground for you!

  48. Sauserboy says:

    this game is thebest game ever

  49. runescape rocks says:

    man i beat hard in 4 moves this game is way way WAY to easy! :)

  50. Anonymous says:

    man this is easy i beat them my first time ROBOTS RULE!!!!!!!!! :)

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