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Robots vs. Aliens Chess

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10 Comments on Robots vs. Aliens Chess

  1. kind of cool… yeah

  2. odd…easy…dumb…hard to tell the pieces apart…. LAME

  3. andalite kid // February 23, 2008 at 6:25 pm // Reply

    300 turns and i only have my king. The com hasn’t done anything useful for 200 of them ,at least 200!

  4. lame!!!!!!

  5. it is awsome but you should let the poes go anywhere they want.

  6. Challengeing, but fun.

  7. i won in 7 moves on easy

  8. Boring my dog plays better chess

  9. wow an unknown person so he suggested this for advanced players players like a GM(grandmaster) or like a 1000 or above.

  10. how do you work this thing?

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