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Comments about “Tankz!”

  1. SwAg StEr says:

    I cant get past level 7

  2. kaifu says:

    very very good game

  3. phinx 1 says:

    somtims it delets my wepons

  4. ekatdragon4 says:

    ricochet is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. wolfscar says:

    ricochet is the best gun

  6. wolfscar says:

    how do u beat level 7

  7. awesome says:

    Best game ever

  8. wolfscar says:

    how do u beat level 2?

  9. drew x says:

    i think that it is a good game but it gets boring after you have completed all the levels

  10. easypeasy says:

    so easy pease

  11. mattman says:

    best game

  12. mattman says:

    stuck on level 5 any tips? (please reply)

    • rrip567 says:

      ok mattman, here’s a tip: redo levels 1,2,3 and 4 so you can get money to level up your guns or get a new gun.

    • AfricanSR says:

      I have finished all of then. Just keep trying then soon you will finish it. It only takes time and practices.

  13. subaru jockey says:

    new boss in town :)

  14. Bridge says:

    Good game but, can’t get past level 12… any tips.

  15. bat dude says:

    Love it!

  16. Quiz-wizz says:

    Hint: when you’re grey insted of orange you’re dead.

  17. headsupdude says:

    You won’t be hearing from me for a long while, because after today i’ll be gone for three whole weeks! Also I got past level 2 with just the minigun. POW!

  18. lazer cub says:

    i died!!!!

  19. heracles says:

    what’s with the turtles

  20. StarBlox77 says:

    does anybody know how to beat level 2???

  21. nicknack says:

    Game won’t load

  22. nicknack says:

    Attn bl! Tanks not loding on my tablet

  23. HikingBrainiack says:

    how to pass level 10

  24. ASLDJEIPWJF says:

    i need help on level seven. what weapon do you advise?

  25. Rocket989 says:

    i love the game its so much fun beat it and tankz 2 its a must play!

  26. d-Man says:

    BORING!!!!!!! Try Tankz 2.

  27. LOL says:


  28. Quiz-wizz says:

    Help me past the 10th level!

    P.S. I have all the weapons and upgrades!

  29. Quiz-wizz says:

    Quiz-wizz’s my name, and level 11’s my game!

  30. Quiz-wizz says:

    With the Shotgun I got past level 2. I can’t wait to play level 3

  31. John Da Mon says:

    So much fun. Just became one of my favorite games!

  32. Anonymous says:

    level seven is hard

  33. Gigglesnort says:

    Daddy helped me out of lvl 1. I can’t get past lvl 2.

  34. boy says:

    Beat the whole game its so FUN

  35. Rango says:

    Sweet. One of the funnest games on boys life

  36. lala says:

    too easy
    play dark dungeon

  37. lameo says:

    cant get past level 14

  38. bionicle says:

    cant get past level 14

  39. ddjdog says:

    very cool love level edditor

  40. bubba says:

    this game is pretty neat

  41. Jonny Bravo says:

    Really Boss I Love The Upgrades

  42. THOR says:

    i have beat all of the levels 10 times

    • dude3131517 says:

      I’ve got a challenge: Beat level 15 without getting the Bonus Crates. Hint: Use rockets, but NOT lasers.

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