Comments about “Tankz!”

  1. blbllbl says:

    looks good

  2. Thebadgerspatroleader says:

    Love it beat it two or three times

  3. dark says:

    awesome game

  4. I like legos says:

    Beat in a day!

  5. Sock Monkeys says:

    I love this game so much! Oh and by the way I’m on level 14!!

  6. bob says:

    I’m on a laptop so this game is terrible for me *rolls eyes*

  7. uggggg! says:

    this game wont load!!!!!!

  8. tankz says:

    wont load

  9. AfricanSR says:

    Does anyone know how to start over? I want to start over so I can saveup more money then what I have.

  10. gunner 555 says:

    level 7 is sooooooo hard.

  11. bigfoot says:

    rocochet is so usless

  12. whiner101 says:


  13. I'm cool because I beat it!! says:

    Beat it

  14. batman says:

    how do you beat level 15?

  15. yucky ducky says:

    10,000$ profit in level six!

  16. NOT A BOSS at Tankz says:

    cant beat level 4

  17. yucky ducky says:

    i’ve beat it 3 times

  18. Ultimentblaze says:

    this game is awesome and safe
    thank you Boys life!

  19. Pi_Guy says:

    This is fun like all the other games!!!

  20. skydoes says:

    any tips 4 level 5

  21. sam23 says:

    so hard

  22. squirrel says:

    this game is fun i wish boys life would come out with tankz 3

    • yucky ducky says:

      actually mini clip made the tanks series, and boys life just bought the rights to it, so Miniclip should make a tanks three, not boys life

  23. Boomtown says:

    I think the self propelled rocket is de best ;) got it on level 6

  24. awsome says:

    I like all the wepons but wish I had other people on team need help on 6

  25. tankerz says:

    keep playing level 5, tops 9,000 profit!!!!

  26. lol says:

    made it to level 4 hard but fun

  27. cowboy joe says:

    I beat all the levels. I think level 14 was the hardest for me. Fun game!

  28. doger$ says:

    cant pass level 13

  29. AfricanSR says:

    I can beat level 15!!! I thought i would never be able to!

  30. Dodger$! says:


  31. Tanker says:


  32. boss52 says:

    can’t beat level 9

  33. burgar boy says:

    14 must beat

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