Comments about “Tankz!”

  1. Smoothcriminal755 says:

    LOL made a Level Editor Map harder than last level! XD

  2. Spaceface says:

    I wish you could save the levels you make in the level editor. That would be awesome. (sigh)

  3. batboy says:


  4. cool-aid says:

    I Just Love it.

  5. GreenGoblin says:

    I have everything fully upgraded so i have the laser in the first levels

  6. lol says:

    so hard

  7. cats r epic says:

    i love how hard it is

  8. Cats r epic says:

    I like it

  9. spy guy says:

    yes I beat it so cool

  10. spyguy says:

    I have evry thing fully upgraded this is so cool I have almost beat it

  11. yo says:


  12. blank says:


  13. SUPERMAN says:

    It stinks bad.

  14. rrip567 says:

    i LOVE THE MUSIC!!!! SO BOSS!!!!!

  15. WOOT says:

    Me gots 358944 money.

  16. Robbie says:

    How do you get your weapons max

  17. JT 22 says:

    this game is a blast

  18. Catman236 says:

    This game does not work on WII

  19. boy says:

    AWESOME level 15 HARD

  20. papaya-face says:

    the shotgun totaly ROCKS at close range

  21. Flash Sentry says:

    This game is so AWESOME!!! It is also very challenging. :)

  22. Tanknator1896 says:

    I think Tanks should get 10/10(5 stars)

  23. Gamerguy063 says:

    I beat the game in a day and I have to say, this game is really cool! The level editor is really cool and the weapons are super awesome! Overall it’s a great game.10/10 (or five star).

  24. superboy10 says:

    your best defences are the fully upgraded canon and lazer

  25. superb oy10 says:

    how many of you think their should be a medal for getting all the medals

  26. superboy10 says:

    it would be cool if they kept the winning music afterwards

  27. Snike909 says:

    It’s a pretty cool game. Very hard, though.

  28. Bridge says:

    Watch out for lvl 9! it is a battle blitz!

  29. giant says:

    its AWSOME!!!!

  30. Anonymous dude says:

    This game is really easy. I practically completed the entire thing in like two minutes

  31. Bridge says:

    Tanks Pete!

  32. Bridge says:

    The cannon is an other good weapon.

  33. Bridge says:

    No you don’t ,Genral!

  34. The John says:

    I beat this game on my other computer and tore the game up on my MacBook.

  35. bobb says:

    I love it! :D

  36. terrible player says:

    I just died

  37. pete says:

    bridge is right

  38. Ben says:

    this game is AWSOME

  39. Spiky says:

    Do you know what i don’t like. I don’t like that the money you get in level editor doesn’t carry over to your money to spend. It just disappears.

  40. leroy says:

    got all of the weapons just need to max everything now

  41. surfer boy says:

    try tanks 2 so cool! like very last one for tanks!

  42. justin2544 says:


  43. surfer dude says:

    this is like , SWEET !


    A cool game

  45. awesome says:

    This game is awesome

  46. m&m says:

    I LOVE it <3

  47. james says:

    I love this game

  48. bob says:

    I think that tanks 3 should have all of the weapons tankz 2 has and the game editor that tankz has.

  49. Bridge says:

    Try using rocets and Lazers on level5!

  50. dsiufdfi says:

    the only thing cooler would be a tanks 3 where you could battle with frends

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