Comments about “Tankz!”

  1. Milkshake says:

    Love it so much!!!!!

  2. moehoward says:

    AMAZING! if you don’t like it your WRONG!

  3. teh epik fish says:

    AAAAAAA!!! I can’t get passed level 5.

  4. fivethirty says:

    its so bad

  5. gjhvjw'fklsd says:


  6. crusadergoalie says:

    I agree AWESOME

  7. mincraft style says:

    i got cannon level 6 and all per formance exept 2 bars in 15 minutes

  8. Lykasd says:

    I am getting it

  9. shulz says:

    Beat the game in one sitting!!!!

  10. trik says:

    i on level 5. 0 days passed

  11. GLID says:

    GOT TO LEVEL 2!!! Be Carful of what you hit you Might EXPLODE

  12. jmister28 says:

    i LOOOOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The tanker says:

    Awesome game I beat it got everything, total gains 527481$.

  14. Crazyyyygood says:


  15. SECOND CLASS says:

    Freakishly hard yet slightly addicting so in other words a good challenging game

  16. bobtheboss says:

    completed in 1 hour

  17. tankz is awesome says:

    Im on level 15 with all weapons (all of wich are fully upgraded), a fully upgraded tank , and ive only been playing for about 1 hour total!

  18. Me says:

    This game is awesome! I used the level editor and made all easy turrets and it was awesome watching them explode!!!

  19. frodo baggins says:

    finished medium in 40 minutes

  20. aaaaaa says:

    level editor is so cool!

  21. lele says:

    This game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

  22. colin511 says:

    i love

  23. Awesome Spy!!! says:

    I beat the game!!!! it is AWESOME!!!! :)

  24. lego master says:

    awesome game I could write forever about this awesome game

  25. Joe says:

    Don’t get the bouncy gun. It doesn’t work that great . I’d get a laser.

  26. Y U NO GIV EGGS says:

    I’m stuck on lvl 3 BOHO!

  27. cyclone says:

    it is cool

  28. derby town king says:

    I love the lazier.

  29. derby town king says:

    I beat the game in 5 hours and got all the awards, upgrades,and guns.

  30. tankz says:

    good game

  31. tcfg says:

    beat it in 30 min i love it

  32. jscout says:

    bet the game in 11/4 days

  33. ? says:

    if you can’t beat a level
    A.go back and do the one that you could i.e. 2 get the coins and buy laser get ammo win
    B. if you have laser buy ammo go win

  34. Dain says:

    This is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. KDH says:

    man is this hard, I can’t beat level 1!!!:(

  36. cool guy says:

    love it best this website rocks

  37. 007Flash says:

    Beat the game and got all awards, guns, and tank upgrades in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. gerber says:

    beat it in 2 hours. most of it was on level 1 getting upgrade money

  39. jedi5755 says:

    how do you defeat level 4?

  40. tankzman says:

    im on level 5

  41. bla bla says:

    i wish we could buy a extra bar of ammo

  42. awesome! says:

    i beat the game it is awesome grate job boy’s life

  43. Sharpshooter says:

    How do you change weapons?

  44. Brian says:

    If you think this is a bad game YOUR WRONG!

  45. sam says:

    miniclip rocks

  46. mikeanator says:

    beat the game in 2 days redoo the 1st level buy alot of upgrades

  47. rexh17 says:

    how do you defeat leaveal 3

    • ytrewq says:

      It is patience- just keep on getting enough money to upgrade a shotgun, or getting some thing new-I would get a laser or rockets…

  48. Tankz rules says:


  49. jake says:

    i just beat it! it is fun game .i love it!

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