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  1. Big Al says:

    Beat it in One hour no biggie for me

  2. Love the game says:


  3. AlmostanEagleScout says:

    Beat the game on hard in 20 minutes and I got all of the upgrades and medals. Beat that let me know.

  4. (GAME_?) says:

    5 words.


  5. LIKE A BOSS says:

    LIKE A BOSS LASER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. goku says:

    thankyou for all the things you guys said about this game, it really helped a lot.

  7. ace 111501 says:

    the best gamein the history of these games

  8. Rocky says:

    i played tanks 1
    this is a great game because of new weopons

  9. a person says:

    I saw this game before on a different website, and it was great, and it still is!

  10. tanker2 says:

    what is a way to easily get more money?

    • A-Dog says:

      THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • answerman says:

      to get a lot of money, play easy levels (like 1 and 2), but don’t destroy spawners and, to get even more, use only your minigun so you don’t have to pay for ammo. This doesn’t work very well, because levels 1 and 2 are made to be easy and don’t give you a lot of dough, but it definetly works

    • slimo says:

      if you have unlocked level editor just put a lot of bonus crates

  11. MMMEEE!! says:

    Levels 12 and 13 teach you to go to bed with your rocket launcher under your pillow.

  12. byitmyself says:

    if you reset can you still play level editor?

  13. kk says:

    upgrade your rocket and lazer and armor to max to beat levle 14-15
    tip: for those of you that dont know this the rocket follows your mouse

  14. Grunt says:

    I think the game is hard and easy. What is mean is that sometimes the game is easy (with the right upgrades, weapons, etc.) and sometimes the game is hard (e.g.: If there are a lot of tanks trying to get you, and you are becoming overwhelmed). Overall, great game, but on some computers with a less powerful processor, it lags a lot. Great game, though.

  15. byitmyself says:

    how do you get past level 15

  16. Sgt. Downs says:

    300K and rising! anyone have 1 million or more?

  17. tecrafter64 says; says:

    You should exit it out then go back and try.It should work

  18. ROCKSTAR says:


  19. Pvt. Downs says:

    20 minutes. hard mode. beat the game. all upgrades

  20. deco says:

    beat it!

  21. yournamehere84 says:

    Starts playing.
    (one hour later)
    Beats Level 15.

  22. memester says:

    mystery box y u no give me health

  23. awesome scout says:

    beat it in 1 hour

  24. eminem says:

    this is a cool game and VERY easy

  25. dude says:

    Use The Missel launcher.

  26. jtmcflea says:

    beat it. level editor is so fun
    tip: if you didn’t know, you can click on a weapon you have purchased in the upgrade screen to upgrade that weapon

  27. irock says:

    do your best and never give up you will beat it soon!

  28. fred says:

    level 1 is easy

  29. willy says:

    it is a fun game

  30. blaze says:

    I think its its just as good as tank 2008

  31. sir gamesalot says:

    where do you download this game?

  32. Cragglesmack says:

    Beat it, the level maker is fun.

  33. Nick says:

    It’s good or should I have said very good

  34. blood says:

    this rules

  35. alexander says:

    on level six

  36. darthvader says:

    Wow! This game is awsom!

  37. mr.unicorn says:

    level 15 is impossible

  38. ghjikas says:


  39. ghjkas says:

    little bit hard.

  40. jkids98 says:

    I beat it in two days

  41. someone says:

    It’s really fun making your own level!

  42. money55 says:

    i beat all the levels ;)

  43. black says:

    How do I get past level 14? That huge laser tank that comes out always kills me!

  44. arrow123 says:

    awsome but hard passed it in 3 days!

  45. Dr.Doom says:

    how do get past Lv.15

    • awesomeman 11 says:

      upgrade your laser gun fully and your armor then laser all of the tanks. But destroy on section of tanks at a time or else they all come out and kill you

  46. dominator says:

    luv level 13 tons of bucks

  47. Gandalf says:

    How on earth do you pass level 14 ?

  48. ghjkas says:


  49. someone says:

    I beat the game and i have every weapon and all upgrades and all medals. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

  50. Anonymous MM says:

    The game isn’t loading. What should I do? I have Flash, but it’s still not working.

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