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  1. j low says:

    I love this game

  2. ralph22 says:

    you should ask Goombah Remster17 and anonymous MM

  3. Jedi Master says:

    Best game on this whole site!!! :) I have everything upgraded to its highest power, and have beaten the game… Tankz 2 is way better though

  4. Anonymous says:

    tankz is awsam

  5. users890 says:

    me to

  6. cam says:

    great game it is very fun to play with my brother!

  7. dgjcvishv says:

    A easy way of geting money is to go back to level one .Using the mini-guns(so you don’t have to buy more armo)to beat it.

  8. fjhkdjxhvuidrjgjk says:

    Awsome game I’m on level 11 once you buy the rockets just relax and guide the rockets

  9. nikii says:

    this is a cheap copy of awesome tanks on miniclip

  10. link says:

    waiting for game to load and can’t wait to play it it’s got some pretty wicked reviews

  11. Goombah :] says:

    Slow on my Mac. :[

  12. Hunter says:

    It is a very fun game. I always like a challenge.

  13. cool says:

    I have $3,00000 in the game!

  14. bobo says:


  15. leeroy says:

    best game ever!!!!

  16. footpall says:

    it isn’t working

  17. phidips says:

    very cool,tankz 2 has better weapons though

  18. phidips says:

    I luv this game its the best around

  19. Bneider says:

    Great game-I’m just not good at it.

  20. cite says:


  21. bilbo says:


  22. fredrick says:


  23. kay says:

    I love this game i made it to Levil 15

  24. FUN says:

    this game is so much fun!!!!!

  25. ws443 says:

    i get very much cash in this game! :)

  26. death_and_destruction says:


  27. sharp tooth pokemon says:

    awesomer than catching a bulbasaur

  28. jedi5755 says:

    best game ever!

  29. amazing me says:

    so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. YOYO says:

    GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. rip jaws says:

    awsome game i am on level 4

  32. thomas12344321 says:

    Its a fun FREE game

  33. joman says:

    tankz 2 is so much better

  34. hi says:

    this is a complete copy of awesome tanks

  35. TankzShooter says:

    This, and the second one, are the best games Boy’s Life has ever put on here! Love it! :D

    • legoman561 says:

      best game on boy’s life awesome

    • MMMEEE!! says:

      I know! When will number three come out? One of the VERY FEW things that I prefer about this one is the level editor. #3 needs one.

      P.S. Where did The Game Master go? ;-(

      • TankzShooter says:

        Yeah, I hope they do come out with a #3, this one is great. I do wish that they had a level editor on the 2nd one, but I guess you can’t get everything! :D

  36. Dr.swag says:

    It’s a fun game

  37. derock says:

    SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. pokemaster says:


  39. U says:

    It is epic

  40. Jack says:

    I can’t even play this game on my moms iPad2.

  41. oman says:

    hard but fun

  42. samthepup2 says:

    this is the best game ever hard but awesome

  43. Jr says:

    Could be better

  44. Jr says:

    Fun but could be better

  45. sharkman says:


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