Comments about “Tankz 2”

  1. dom says:

    awesome game. beat it!

  2. AWESOME GUY says:


  3. Retro Gamer says:

    You can easily win by doing the first level many times to earn money then going on.

  4. Doggie says:

    I Can’t get passed level 3

  5. StormWalker300 says:


  6. CaliMuscle says:

    Guys don’t waste your money on any of the weapons besides the minigun, shotgun and cannon. It is perfectly possible to finish the entire game on a fully upgraded cannon.

  7. Kittycatpancake says:

    The rocket you control can scout ahead discovering fog, attack towers from a safe distance, and the tanks don’t come after you until it explodes. Best attack in the game.

    ps. don’t use the ricochet.

  8. Fronkolator says:

    after beating the game on hard mode my score is 154550

    ps. I hope they make another one :)

  9. noahcool says:

    beat the game 50 times,come to me for tips,i have 1,000,000,000$,$)

  10. siguy says:

    really fun

  11. hawkeye says:

    review: it’s a good gtame but it needs more power, and online mulitplayer. rank 6/10

  12. Pipin took says:

    I love this game. Iv’e beet it so many times .

  13. jis;hvsliv says:

    beat tankz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. cop says:

    best game ever

  15. phienix says:


  16. vinny says:


  17. anonymous says:

    funnestest game ever

  18. me says:

    Just beat the game

  19. zennit says:

    cool game

  20. The Star Scout says:

    I beat the game at last three times, and I have all the upgrades.

  21. just me says:

    fun game try it (:

  22. ice man says:

    will not work any more!

  23. Wokabooma says:

    2956 tanks destroyed, 677 towers destroyed, 475 spawners, 6255 wall blocks, 28881 coins collected, 1009 barrels destroyed, 1076 crates destroyed. And last but not least 3644852 credits!

  24. random guy says:


  25. random guy says:

    I have every thing and 6,890,798,169 coins

  26. BLUE3000 says:


  27. funnyman says says:

    this game is awesome.

  28. Ghostrider333 says:

    This Game ROCKS!!!!! Play it.

  29. a-dog says:

    so who cares

  30. CRAZY JAMICA says:


  31. Epicbacon says:

    It needs a level editor. Otherwise, its awesome!

  32. samtheman says:

    FYI if your looking at these comments and haven’t played tankz 2 u NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME it is seriously the best game on the site

  33. samtheman says:

    This game rocks! i personally think this is the BEST game on plus i got all the weapoms fully upgraded all the tankz and beat all the levels!


  34. Intel says:

    I have everything fully upgraded and 3,782,916 coins.

  35. panda mini says:

    best music EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. belive Me says:

    maxed-out mini gun rules !Like toats-mick-goats!

  37. davidwwe123 says:

    these game is cool cool cool cool cool!

  38. TheDeeej says:

    I have all the weapons fully upgraded, my tank fully upgraded, and beat every level. THIS GAME IS SO MUCH FUN I GIVE IT A MILLION STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. kev#23 says:

    i’ve got every thing

  40. Is a idiot says:

    I beat the game in 9 minutes and 59 seconds

  41. a-dog says:

    I have all weapons fully upgraded, armor, visibility, rotation speed, and movement speed fully upgraded, all levels unlocked and beaten, and $130,759.

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