Comments about “Tankz 2”

  1. tank master101 says:

    this is the best freaking game on the site

  2. boyscoutlover says:

    tanks and tanks2 won’t load and I don’t like that.

  3. big jake says:

    do the railgun it is so cool :)

  4. Redninja says:

    Tankz and tankz 2 won’t load

  5. says says:

    fun game , but I beat it in ten minutes.

  6. importantgalaxy346 says:


  7. hunter says:

    I bought all of the upgrades and beat the game I rate 5 stars

  8. says says:

    This is a fun game but I beat it in 10 minutes (literally, no exaggeration).

  9. jr says:

    level 4 is realy hard

  10. I WIN says:

    It is so fun

  11. zeus says:

    tankz and tankz 2 are easy

  12. flamethrower says:

    I beat the game this is so fun

  13. Haakon says:

    Best tank game i have seen so far asom new guns

  14. Bomber says:

    level 10 is hard but i can do it!:):):):)

  15. wkdestroyer says:

    awesome adjust and a big step up from the normal tankz,and this one is sooooo much better! but i really wish it had a level editor.awesome game!!!!!!

  16. ................. says:

    pretty hard but fun

  17. gamenerd says:

    good game : )

  18. loldude says:

    This is a cool game

  19. coolkid49 says:

    this game is so awsome

  20. Smallfryfury says:

    1 of the best games on here

  21. dragonslaer_09 says:

    They should put a whole lot of more levels, it’s so easy to beat!

  22. Bzam says:

    Me: I have a chalenge. You: What? Me: Beat the boss shotgun without hitting him with your bullets. You: Wow that’s hard. Me: Well I did it. You: COOL!

  23. Kid Buu says:

    Awesome,its a bit challenging but thats why its sooooooo fun!

  24. tbolt69 says:

    its a good game, but dont play it on a inspiron 6000 with no mouse

  25. kablah says:

    good game, beat it like 10 times.

  26. boss52 says:

    beat the whole game

  27. Dragon (Star) says:

    Rockets are awesome: beat the game from a fixed point!

  28. Cbrackett says:

    Awesome game

  29. Lebron James says:

    best game!

  30. MKBennplaysMC says:

    everything is fully upgraded, all levels are completed, i beat the game

  31. MKBennplaysMC says:

    freaking beat the game

  32. phinx 1 says:

    mutch beter than the first

  33. MKBennplaysMC says:

    im not bad at it…

  34. irvjjbdjnmv says:

    fun and very cool.

  35. the best says:

    money 200,000 yaaa

  36. hipster 17 says:

    way more challenging than tanks 1. I love the railgun!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Coolness 376 says:

    Awesome game

  38. Birdkid88 says:

    Cool game. Hard but not too hard.

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