Comments about “Tankz 2”

  1. muffin pants says:

    level 4 is hard

  2. sammy says:

    level4 is so hard

  3. googoo says:

    this is easy game

  4. ninjablade says:

    I’m a ninja tank at this game you don’t need to get the railgun at all you need is the rocket gun mines and the cannon maybe the shoker. k

  5. bob says:

    it so cool

  6. ninjablade says:

    upgraid ur minigun first

  7. JOE says:

    got $1000000

  8. Pro Fo says:

    On the last level all the enemy tanks are hard to beat

  9. t says:

    i love the flamethrower

  10. cool jazz says: says:

    i love it

  11. Gamer says:

    I beat the game in like 20 minits

  12. sim says:

    I beat the on hard!

  13. tankz5 says:

    level 5 is so hard!

  14. cam23 says:

    level 5 is so hard

  15. puppetman says:

    A lot more challenging than the first. My favorite weapon is the lazer ,but the shotgun is awesome !

  16. The Elk says:

    $ 1,000,114

  17. Pi says:

    1906 tanks destoryed

  18. Gabe says:

    Finished. Awesome!!!

  19. huigui says:

    I have 972453 points

  20. superman says:

    super fun

    • Sniper says:

      How do you play

      • omega 123 says:

        1. point with cursor at enemy tanks
        2. click to shoot and hold down
        3. stop as enemies go kaboom
        4. use arrow keys to avoid self kaboomage
        5. use earned cash to build up arsenal and upgrade tanks

  21. ? says:

    Cool, new weapons.

  22. Ninjahackerdude says:

    This isnt the best game ever you know,but its still good though.:)

  23. the stick of dynamite says:

    You know that guy on this game that trys to trick you by turning into a diamond,well the diamond is pretty ginourmous and irresistable but whatever you do DON’T COLLECT IT! or it’ll be game over.

  24. billy says:

    This Game Rocks But once you have played it through 6 or 8 times it starts to get a little less exciting. they need to make a tankz 3

  25. Agent A.S.P.Y says:

    I really wish they put multiplayer on this one.

  26. tank2 says:


  27. The Elk says:

    223 Spawners Destroyed

  28. gamer guy says:

    I am at lvl 13 easy and AWESOME GAME!!!!!!

  29. cheeseman 307 says:

    wow super fun and hard but they should make minecraft on boyslife that would me aswome (*)_(*)

  30. kaboomgoesthetank says:

    Upgrade minigun, then buy rockets and mines. KABOOM!

  31. Bob1234 says:


  32. vcb says:

    I have 796162 points

  33. bossman says:

    i LOVE it!!

  34. manbearpig says:

    upgrd ur armor first,,,,,then full upgrd for flame

  35. hoparistic says:

    good game I like the scuba pedro one better though

  36. joat says:

    a awesome game

  37. Ujambazi says:

    This game is a seriously down-scaled version of Tanki Online MMO.

  38. pork chop says:

    rail gun is epic 8)

  39. scout in training says:

    nice game need more upgrades

  40. g4 says:

    this game iz awousome

  41. sp52 says:

    Honestly, the last level isn’t that hard.

  42. JAR JAR Willbanks says:

    It`s good(for the most part)

  43. Agent A.S.P.Y. says:

    This Tankz 2 is really cool. I can easily tell that tankz 3 is going to be EPIC!

  44. tomusible turtle says:

    this game is beast! hint: with ricochet gun hold for a socond or to and releas and tou will kill any tank with one shot.

  45. randomness says:

    is fun but hard

  46. bob says:

    is this a spin off of tankionline or what

  47. Oweino says:

    It won’t load which makes me rage because everyone says its so good

  48. snake lover says:

    level 3 is hard!

  49. pigdog says:

    i love this games

  50. 123456789 says:

    beat the game on easy mode

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