Comments about “Tankz 2”

  1. Klabit says:

    I have everything maximum! Great game! Thank you BOYSLIFE.

  2. mike says:

    i love the railgun but it takes to long to shoot again.

  3. jake says:

    I loved it

  4. Bob says:


  5. tankzboss says:

    I have a score of 157850…….like a boss

  6. crazy guy says:

    this game is so good and way much better than the first

  7. awesomekid64 says:

    Was up Yo

  8. laygoez says:

    secret of life: hold down click to power up richochet, when max power can almost one shot anything.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. doodledoo says:

    much better than the first

  11. buddercraft88 says:

    very good game but hard

  12. nick999 says:

    so true

  13. sir chimp says:

    Secret to beating levels: Fully Upgraded Railgun.

  14. typo says:

    i need advice for level 8

  15. HAxXeROr says:

    so hard until i has got armr then i completed it ps tanks r always assaulting me but still i completed it >=D

  16. jay says:

    music rocks

  17. seminole says:

    way more easy than tankz

  18. mr.awesome says:

    Fun, but easier then the first

  19. litedog says:


  20. SOIC says:

    Favorite weapons ralegun mine flamethorer

  21. gidyup says:

    i have 4653 dalers

  22. minecrafts last stand says:

    this game is fun but they should have made the railgun more powerful. But this game rocks. Tip get the laser then get it at full power and you will go through those levels fast good luck!

  23. turbo says:

    had everything before level6

  24. nunydude says:


  25. The Riddler says:

    I am already on level 13 : )

  26. surge says:

    love the railgun

  27. The Riddler says:

    Level 10 is really hard : (

  28. billythekid123g says:

    my favorite weapons:

  29. mario king says:

    this is hard

  30. bilbo baggins says:

    beat it

  31. Hoodie_king says:

    fun but hard

  32. minecraftion says:

    on level 7 theres are 2 crates that are HIDDEN behind a block

    also qiuck hint … to make beating tanks easy try spinning around them and firing.
    its a good way to win the game

  33. blorpp says:

    why can’t you create levels in this game???

  34. godfer says:

    it so cool with the new wepins

  35. Luigi493 says:

    i can’t even beat level four

  36. Karatekid says:

    Total score: 154150!!!

  37. GLaDOS says:

    so fun

  38. the king of pie says:

    cool! I hope they make a 3rd!

  39. landy loo says:

    epic but hard 1st time playing

  40. ninjapies44 says:

    To get a lot of coins, replay the levels you finished.

  41. the king of pie says:

    more weapons more explosives more fun!!

  42. awesomeminecraft says:

    pretty cool…

  43. Anonymous says:

    Mines are a GREAT trap on leavle 6 !

  44. minecraftman says:


  45. Gabe says:

    I’ve beat the game twice… So Addicting.

  46. Scorpion King says:

    epic, but epicer than the original

  47. epicface says:

    it is so easy even on hard

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